A life-changing replacement. Part 1

On the street was a beautiful spring day. A few puddles sparkled under the rays of the bright sun. The buds of the trees had just begun to blossom, but it was already warm enough to walk without a jacket. Most of the birds had already returned from warm lands, and now the streets were filled with the cheerful trill of awakening life.

The weather was so good that I decided to walk to the university on foot. And all the long way I was thinking about a new teacher in German, whom I hadn’t even seen yet. The fact is that I know this subject far from the best. But, I must say, this is not only about me and my laziness: at the school, in which I had to choose this now unpopular language, the teacher in this discipline, if she was not on vacation or on sick leave, then simply, one might say, “ »On their duties. Either for the appearance of activity, or out of boredom, she still taught us the alphabet, a couple of German songs, a rhyme and a couple of eloquent phrases. But nothing more.

Having got in the first year of the university, the teacher himself once worked at school and reacted to my situation with understanding. In fact, I learned German from scratch, running through the program with leaps and bounds. However, Sergei Petrovich, knowing that especially in the first year it was very difficult and realizing that I was a responsible student, never pressed on me, abandoning the dictatorship. In short, the world teacher.

But recently Sergei Petrovich fell ill and was temporarily (or perhaps forever) forced to stop teaching. He went to Germany to patch up his health, leaving me to be torn apart by a new teacher, who was promptly found by the university administration.

Why to be torn apart? Yes, Sergei Petrovich and I went through a lot, but in two and a half years (yes, I am already eighteen, if anyone is interested) to make up for seven years of school and still study a new program in the same two and a half years with us, no matter how hard we tried, it didn’t work. Porn stories on the site sеfаn dot ru. In short, one could only hope that either the new teacher would react with the same understanding, or that Sergei Petrovich would still return to work before the start of the session.

These thoughts haunted me even in the first two pairs. I became completely confused and, having gone for a couple in German, almost forgot my purse.

Once at the door to the office, I somehow managed to calm my nervous tremors, nervously swallowed and, saying in my head “Here is the moment of truth,” knocked and opened the door.

At the teacher’s table was a beautiful girl of about twenty from six. Her lovely straw-colored hair was loose and flowing from her shoulders like a waterfall. The adorable figure wore a dark skirt and a gorgeous peach blouse.

  • Yes? – the girl, raising her head, smiled and raised her eyebrows inquiringly.

After standing for a short while in a stupor, I realized that she was addressing me and opened her mouth, having no idea what to answer her:

  • Um … I … – I said quietly, shyly looking down.
  • Are you Hope?

Without squeezing out the answer, I just nodded in response. I am always terribly nervous in the presence of strangers, especially those who are older than me. However, this time the shyness was supplemented with a very strange feeling that I had never experienced before. The girl at the table seemed very close to me, as if we had known her for a hundred years, but, meanwhile, I realized that I was seeing her for the first time. Despite this, my whole body wanted to snuggle up to her and hug her tightly.

  • Okay, sit closer to me, – the girl smiled sweetly, pointing to a chair opposite her.

With my head bowed, I, holding the books to my chest, as if they could save me from awkward scenes, went to the place with uncertain steps. Sitting down quietly, I, avoiding eye contact with the girl, opened the textbook.

  • My name is Anastasia Igorevna. But to be honest, I don’t like being called that. So let’s just be Nastya for you, okay? And I, with your permission, will call you Nadia, okay? – I nodded, – As you probably already guessed, I will teach you while Sergey Petrovich is on sick leave.

I raised my eyes and looked shyly at the girl through the strands of hair (they barely reached my shoulders) that covered a good half of my face. Then she nodded slightly.

  • What? Don’t like me?

I swallowed and shook my head.

  • No … I just didn’t know that my new teacher would be a girl … Excuse me … Woman …

She smiled:

  • What are you, am I so old?
  • No. Of course not. You look – I swallowed a lump in my throat – fine.
  • Thank you, Nadezhda … To be honest, this is the first time I see such a timid and insecure person like you. Just don’t think that I want to upset you. I’m just surprised.

I didn’t know how to respond to these words, so I just kept silent.

“I think we should get to know each other better. So to speak, make contact, do you mind?

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