A life-changing replacement. Part 2

I thought it was either thinking out loud or a rhetorical question. Therefore, she continued to be silent. I just looked at the textbook, sometimes casting glances at a beautiful girl, from which butterflies began to flutter in the lower abdomen.

  • Can you tell me where you are staying? – opening the same textbook as mine, asked Nastya.
  • Chapter eight. Page two hundred forty-five, exercise number nine.

The girl smiled:

  • And in German?

Embarrassed, and feeling my cheeks redden, I repeated the information in another language:

  • Caritel acht. Seite zwеihundеrtfünfundvierzig, Übung Nummer neun.
  • Sehr gut! (Very well!)

She quickly flipped to the desired page.

  • Sooo … Textik? Read and translate, right?

I nodded.

  • I think you should first show me your ability to delve into the meaning of what is written in another language. Tell me what is written here?
  • The text tells about a certain boy who was not particularly fond of learning German. Not that he was lazy, he just, how to say, was not interested in this subject. He looked boring to him. But one day, when he came to another lesson instead of an old woman who taught this discipline, they were met by a young girl who … – I got a lump in my throat – whom he began to sympathize with. Soon the young teacher showed how wonderful this subject and the German language in general are. And now this boy prepares for classes every day, looking forward to new classes.
  • Yeah. Excellent. And what is the moral of this story?
  • I think that not only the information itself matters, but also how it is presented. And it’s the same with hobbies. If you only have three books in school or college and it takes two days to get them you need to prove you need them, then the chances that you will love reading are drastically reduced …
  • An epic analogy, well done, – Nastya praised me, getting up from her table and showing her slender naked legs. In response, my cheeks immediately flamed, – But do not you think that the reason that the boy suddenly began to study is not only that the teacher was able to demonstrate to him all the magnificence of this subject?

I thought about it and was embarrassed, quietly saying:

  • Do you mean that he fell in love with his teacher?
  • Do you think this is impossible?
  • No, it’s just somehow wrong …

“Yes, but love doesn’t reckon with the rules,” Nastya said in a completely aloof manner, looking strangely into my eyes and going up to my table. We froze for a while, unable to take our eyes off each other. The office immediately became somehow hot.

Nastya perked up:

“Um … Next exercise number eleven,” she said in a cheerful voice, reaching out to my textbook and accidentally touching my arm. An electric charge immediately passed through it. A bead of sweat rolled down my neck. Nastya and I at the same time raised our eyes, meeting each other again with the glances that determined our life and into which we sank deeper and deeper with every second.

Nastya’s hand quietly began to stroke mine. Swallowing and not believing in what was happening, I began to answer, using my other hand. The atmosphere in the room began to heat up exponentially.

And so she slowly bent over to me, pressing her cheek. I leaned forward, wanting to give her a kiss, our first kiss …

But then, with the sound of thunder, the cursed front door opened, mercilessly interrupting us. Nastya immediately straightened up, cleared her throat and said:

  • No, this is a preterite! – and smiling at me, turned to the newcomer.

It turned out, as I understood, the headman of some group, who urgently needed to fill out a form. Judging by his face and demeanor, he either did not notice a thing, or he simply hid it amazingly.

Having quickly scratched it in a piece of paper, Nastya handed it over to the young man with a smile. When he finally left the office, the girl looked at me with a mischievous look and smiled sweetly, which made my heart beat faster. Unable to restrain myself, I also answered her with a smile.

Suddenly Nastya got up and came up, holding out her tender hand to me, obviously offering to go somewhere together. Without thinking twice, I fully supported her, and we, without waiting for the end of the pair, left the office, and then the educational institution.

Under the bright rays of the beautiful sun, we literally flew on the wings of happiness along a quiet street. Once Nastya, smiling, put my hand on her chest, which drove me into paint. Noticing this, she laughed and, as if nothing had happened, continued walking along the road.

However, it was not necessary to drag along the streets for a long time and languish with desire. A few minutes later we turned into the entrance.

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