A life-changing replacement. Part 3

As soon as the door from Nastya’s apartment slammed shut, our lips merged into a long-awaited kiss. The girl’s hands immediately began to study my body. I hesitated a little, still slightly embarrassed by my teacher, but soon I also became infected with her energy.

Somehow unstuck from me, Nastya took me into the bedroom, throwing off unnecessary items of clothing along the way. And I immediately followed suit, stuck in my underwear. But Nastya, who was already completely naked, having understood everything without words, helped me to part with both clothes and the last doubts.

Wasted no time, she knocked me down on a decent-sized bed, again digging into my lips. But soon, stroking my body in all places, she began to descend, giving magical sensations to all cells of my body. After caressing my small but firm breasts, she moved to a flat tummy, paying special attention to the tiny hollow. Finally, squeezing my breasts with both hands, she dug first into the pubis, and then into the pussy.

Soon I began to wave my pelvis to the beat of her delicate lips and nimble tongue. Stifled moans began to erupt from my mouth, which I could not stop. Continuing to caress my clitoris, Nastya inserted her finger into the vagina, delicately stretching the hymen and giving a lot of positive emotions. Not without regret, she pulled it out, licked it like it was a delicious candy, and again covered my mouth with her lips. My hand immediately reached out to her pussy and began a slightly awkward, but diligent movement, from which Nastya immediately began to moo satisfactorily. Penetrating into her vagina, I noticed, not without surprise, how hot and wet it was.

But then Nastya got up a little and was forced to leave such a pleasant and inviting place. Grabbing my leg, she lifted it and pressed it to her chest with dark nipples, sat her pussy on mine, starting damn nice movements. Our groans immediately lit up the room. Feeling the approach of orgasm, I, starting to yell at the top of my throat, squeezed the sheet with one hand, and Nastya’s long leg with the other. She, in turn, hugged my leg with both hands, pressing it tighter to her chest, and threw her head back, kissing my foot. Powerful waves of pleasure transformed us into one organism screaming with pleasure, all the cells of which were at the peak of bliss.

Having come to her senses a little, Nastya got off me with some regret, lay down next to me and hugged me.

  • It was just fabulous … – she said with a happy smile, – I love you.

Instead of answering, I smiled and kissed her again. Because sometimes our actions are replaced by thousands of words.

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