A new friend is better than the old two. Part 1

In general, this wet and cold day did not bode well for anything unusual, but as it turned out, everything in our life changes every second.

My colleague and I went out on Saturday to work over the weekend, which was March 8, and now we were sitting at our desks in an office on the outskirts, at the end of a warehouse building, where no one had ever entered, and all communication went through an internal phone.

Igor worked for us for a couple of months, he was hired after Vanya was fired, a sickening bespectacled man whom everyone hated. And Igor turned out to be a rather pleasant man and a wonderful companion. He is about forty-five, medium build, cheerful, calm little man.

Apart from online battles that day, there was no need to expect anything else from us, so we were busy developing our characters and improving weapons. For the fifth time I went to the kettle near Igor’s table and made coffee.

Igor was not shy, and soon the games on his computer were replaced by watching porn.

  • Cool chick, – I said when I saw the video in which the grandfather mercilessly cleaned the anus of the brunette.
  • Yeah, but he has a normal and boner in order.
  • Yes, in those years …

Something in me stirred and a wave of excitement crept into my fly from the video I was watching. I drank coffee and sat down to play further, but my brain was already occupied with thoughts of a different plan. I closed the game, turned the monitor slightly away, and played the tranny video. I really like them, especially if they are beautiful with pretty dicks, European girls. Concentrating on what I was watching, I did not notice how Igor was already peeping at my monitor.

  • Do you like it too? – he asked.

In this phrase I was encouraged by the word “too”, which means that my colleague is in the know and has not lagged behind innovations in the porn industry.

“Yeah,” I replied, slightly embarrassed.

  • I also like to poop this topic. These are cool and the ass is so wet. They blow her well, – Igor commented.
  • Yes, with such a barrel, – I supported.

Igor sat down in his place and began to look further at the porno.

It was raining outside, but I wanted to smoke.

  • Igor, I’m in the window, do you mind? – I made it clear to Igor that I was asking for a smoke without going outside.
  • No problem.

I opened the window and the stuffy air of our office overheated by the heater began to fill with humid cold air.

I lit a cigarette. As soon as I took a drag, Igor got up and came up from behind, looking over my shoulder.

“Okay,” he drawled, pressing himself against me.

  • Yeah.

I felt Igor’s hand fall on my ass.

  • Damn, Igor, I might just like it, – I didn’t show that I was confused, but this confusion lasted a second.

“And let him like it,” Igor said smiling and began stroking me.

  • Damn, – I drawled, pressed my back to the man.
  • Have you ever tried it with a man? – Igor asked.
  • Yes.
  • Well done, I realized that you are a normal guy, but I was not sure what you would send.
  • And I haven’t agreed to anything yet.
  • Smart.

Igor’s hand slowly crawled along his thigh to my groin and began to stroke the already hard cock.

  • How long have you had it? I asked.
  • Yeah, but I want a kick-ass.

Such a sharp revelation and trust exploded my excitement and it flowed over me, overflowing, – Only I do not play with one goal, understand? I said sternly.

  • Got it.

I was just shaking from surprise and unpredictability, but I gathered my strength and put my hand on Igor’s penis. He was already hard and bulging out of his jeans.

“Thank you for your understanding,” Igor said.

  • Not at all, will you show your friend?
  • But how. How do you do it? – uncertainty and tension appeared in Igor’s voice and I felt that he was in control.

I closed the window and sat down in my chair.

  • Is there any rubber?
  • In car.
  • Bring it. Or can we do without it?
  • My ass is gone …
  • Then run, – I boldly commanded and Igor went out to the car, which stood in front of the windows of our office.
  • I am so glad that we understood each other, – Igor said happily, entering the office.
  • I also.

Now Igor was at a loss and with a glance asked what to do.

  • Do not be shy, close the door, and take off your pants, show your handsome man.

Igor closed the door and came closer, unbuttoned his fly and began to slowly pull off his jeans. Now he stood in a sweater, with his trousers lowered to the floor, and between his legs protruded a little more than average size, a rather plump penis with shaved balls and a pubis thickly overgrown with black curly hair. Igor was clearly at a loss.

  • Come here.

Igor came up and I took it by the member, brought it closer to me and smelled it.

“Clean,” I commented.

  • Yes, I washed myself.
  • Well done.

I took a member in my mouth and put on it a couple of times.

  • Ah, – Igor grunted.
  • Good, – I said and began to crush his balls, – So big, good. Shave for your wife?
  • Yeah.
  • Well done. Come to me now, ”I said, and unbuttoned my fly.

Igor knelt down and dropped his head down, unbuckled the belt and pulled off my jeans and panties.

My penis had been dripping with lubricant for a long time, all my panties were wet. Igor greedily grabbed the penis with his mouth and began to suck it.

  • Do not rush, my dear, otherwise you will swallow, – I said, holding the man by the head.
  • Nothing. I can do everything for you.
  • Then suck.

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