A new friend is better than the old two. Part 2

Igor sucked tightly for a long time. Hot mouth for a long time sucked on my fifteen-centimeter penis. He then licked the head, then completely took a member in his mouth, and then licked the eggs.

  • Come on, suck, I already want to finish, – I asked Igor and he began to try even harder.

Conversations about where to end could no longer be, it was clear that Igor would swallow everything that I ship to him. And so it happened.

I finished for a long time and profusely, a little sperm appeared on the edges of the man’s lips, but he swallowed everything and continued to suck on my flaccid organ.

  • What a smart girl you are with me, – I praised Igor, – I see you like the gentle treatment.
  • Yes, – said the man with a member in his mouth, – And you have delicious sperm.
  • You want more?
  • Not against.
  • Well, give me a cigarette and stand in front of me.

Igor gave me a pack of my cigarettes from the windowsill and brought his penis to my face.

I lit a cigarette and between puffs began to take a man’s penis in my mouth. I licked him slowly, then licked his testicles. Igor stood with his hands on his hips and blissed out with his eyes closed.

His cock was delicious, hard, and his eggs poured like two huge peaches.

I got into the taste and now, like a woman, I was furiously polishing the man’s cock, smoking with my nostrils.

  • Cool, I didn’t think it would be so, – Igor said quietly.

I said nothing and only diligently continued what I had begun.

I did not expect such an end, but I never swallowed sperm, and then a whole stream poured into my mouth. There was no place to spit and I had to swallow everything, especially since Igor was already holding my head, though not holding me tightly to him.

I can’t say what was disgusting or disgusting. I tried to swallow everything quickly and hoped that the flow would dry up very soon. Igor’s member began to shrink and go limp, falling out of my mouth.

  • Disgusting? – Igor asked carefully.
  • I don’t know, but just now an adult man finished in my mouth, so the impression is ambiguous.

Igor laughed.

“Forgive me if I said, I would cum in my hand,” he said.

  • Okay, it’s already done.
  • Then I’ll make coffee, do you want?
  • Come on.

Igor went to make coffee.

We dressed up a bit and started talking about same-sex topics.

  • I started in the army, I had to go with the commander, and then it went …
  • And I’m drunk with a friend, – I told, – But you finished in my mouth for the first time. I knocked down the hymen.
  • Was it in the ass?
  • Once.
  • And I often. I like it.
  • You have a good dick. Does your wife like it?
  • Yes, I’m happy.

I again began to smoke in front of the window and Igor was right there, his hand was already wandering around my ass in shorts, slowly pushing the gap between my buttocks.

  • You want to beat me? I asked.
  • I just get pleasure.
  • The clamp went through you, I see.
  • Yeah, thank you.
  • Come on, smooth it, – I said.

I finished smoking and Igor slowly put me on the table, face down. I realized that my ass is about to end. Igor slowly took off my panties, pressed his soft penis to me and lay on my back, and then slowly began to stroke my balls.

“You’re an esthete,” I said quietly.

  • I like it when it is tender, – Igor answered.

He knelt down and I felt his tongue lick my anus.

“You fucking give,” I said quietly.

  • Like?
  • Yes.

Igor diligently licked my ass, penetrating the tip of his tongue into my hole, from which the sphincter nervously contracted and the passage was tightly closed.

  • Damn, Igor …
  • What? The man asked fearfully.
  • Pull on the rubber and get down to business, otherwise I can no longer.
  • In your ass? As you say?

I didn’t care, but I wanted to be honest with this person to the end and try all the options for sex.

Igor quickly put a condom on his penis and put it to my hole. I lay down more comfortably, relaxed and waited. Igor slowly, carefully climbed inside me. It didn’t hurt, I just felt my sphincter expanding. I pushed back a little and the member entered me tightly, but painlessly.

  • Wait, – I said, and Igor stopped, – I swallowed, and now I’m standing with a dick in my ass …

Igor laughed, and then began to slowly drive a member in me. I didn’t give a damn about everything. It was cool and pleasant for me.

Igor, seeing the silence on my part and the absence of objections, began to accelerate, spitting on my point in order to slightly lubricate the passage for his friend.

Igor silently fucked me from behind, holding my hips, and I lay on the brown table and crawled over it with my face.

  • Deep, – I mumbled, but Igor did not stop and made several penetrating thrusts. I just heard his balls slapped hard on mine, making them whine wildly.

The table was in my saliva, I myself was on fire, and a member of the man moved in my ass, who drove me again and began to finish with a groan.

“Okay,” I said.

  • Okay, what’s over? – Igor asked at the moment when his penis fell out of me.
  • Just good.

And again coffee.

I wanted sex again.

  • Come to me, – I said to Igor and he came up to me. I made three chairs with a train and lay down on them. My cock was already sticking out. Igor gently pulled the condom over him and sat down with his glasses on the head, which slowly entered the man’s anus.
  • Good ass, – I said, and Igor began to ride with moans on me.

I closed my eyes and continued my day of pleasure.

For a very long time and persistently Igor strung on a member, after which he got tired and asked me to fuck him with cancer.

Igor held on to the table, and I hammered him from behind, holding his lower thighs. The condom rustled so softly in the man’s anal, the air smelled of sex. Everything was great. Moving like a madman, I had Igor and he liked it, he thanked me with satisfaction.

I finished and poked a penis in Igor’s ass a couple of times, after which I sat down in my chair.

There were still two hours left until the end of the working day, but there was no strength left. We closed early and Igor drove me home with a farewell suck and swallow.

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