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I’m sad. I’m sad. I’m used to being alone, no, you can’t get used to it. You just start to put up with the idea that nobody needs you. Among the large crowd of people into which you join every morning when you rush to work, you feel lonely, no one notices you, and there at this work, where every time you feel an endless edge of pain, you feel even more abandoned. She is near, sometimes when I switch off, I feel her breathing, I see how she moves. And then I run away, where tears begin to choke me, I struggle with myself, I try to get used to it. I want to forget her, but I need her, at that moment when she said to me so calmly, “It’s all over between us, forget me”, I realized that at first I would not have to be with her for a long time, so abruptly I cannot leave , I asked her “’Can I be with you for a while? You can’t be so harsh, I can’t stand it. ” She calmly looked at me and said, “As you wish, just don’t call me and don’t address me for any trifles, now we are just colleagues at work.” But it did not last long already for 2 months. I didn’t turn to her over trifles, I didn’t call her, I only occasionally looked at her from afar, and she didn’t notice me, or pretended not to notice, but it didn’t matter to me squatting in the toilet, the tears ended, my eyes floated her smile, her eyes, I wanted to touch her hair, I wanted to kiss her, but this is not just an image, this is the past, we must forget it, we must leave this job. It is necessary, it is necessary, it is necessary: ​​I am tired of this. I wanted a quiet family happiness with you. I got up, got better, and went out, saw you. A nervous smile appeared on your face, you weren’t happy to see me

“‘Hello! How are you? “”. I shuddered, I didn’t hear your voice for a week and had time to miss it wildly. “’Hello, okay!” it can be seen that it is normal ‘”, I shook my head, you always knew how to guess my mood”‘ How are you? “” For some reason you suddenly smiled mysteriously “‘I am happy. Vika and I will have a child.” more painful than the patient, and immediately suddenly a memory came to my mind how one day we lay with you embracing and I quietly whispered to you “Katyusha, give birth to my child :.” “I will never forget your reaction, you climbed to kiss you were happy. I smiled” ‘Congratulations !!! “” and wanted to hug you, but you abruptly pulled away and said that you had a lot of work left. And I was left alone, with my thoughts, with my pain, with myself. And I was determined to get drunk today. I was suddenly lost, I wanted to run somewhere. She knocked on the director’s office, then looked in there, the secretary Svetka was not there, and went straight to Sergei Vasilyevich, gathered all her will into a fist and knocked again, a man’s smoky voice shouted “Come in, openly.” My heart began to pound, but I confidently entered and sat down opposite, Sergei Vasilyevich was reading some piece of paper and did not deign to raise his head at me, but muttered “‘I listen …” “

I sighed heavily and said, “Sergei, I can’t live like this anymore, I’m quitting.” There was a pause in the air, but Sergei did not read any more, he slowly raised his eyes to me, “’What is it because of this creepy thing that turned your head and then threw it away?’” I was taken aback by this turn of affairs, I did not know what to say , only lowered her eyes. And Sergei looked at me point-blank “‘What I thought I do not know, here everyone knows, although I found out last. So I’ll tell you what, you are my best employee, and I will I will not let you quit. Take it and go to the sanatorium for a week. And this is not discussed. In the evening Stepan will deliver everything to you, and now go home and pack your things. ”I got up“ Okay. Thank you. I’ll come and share my impressions. ”Sergey smiled broadly “‘You won’t have to go far, it’s out of town, but there will be a lot of impressions, I myself was there half a year ago, I liked it. Go ahead.” “And winked at me. I obediently went out, closed the door behind me and slid down it. a frightened Svetka ran up to me “‘Verun, what are you? Are you feeling bad?” “, I dismissed my worries Livy Svetik and so dreamily said “’Svetik tomorrow I’m going to the sanatorium, pin it, the chef himself will send it’”. Svetka smiled pleasantly, “Come on, come on, otherwise everyone here worries about you, have some fun there”. “’Aha’” I held out dreamily and left.

In appearance, the sanatorium looked like a huge stone barn, but inside it smelled nice and it was very beautiful. After the morning procedures, I took the book and sat down on the first bench I came across and plunged into reading. “’What is abandoned?” Am I abandoned? “” She smiled, held out her hand to me “‘Olya!”, I took her miniature palm in my hand and felt how cold, and most importantly, funny

“‘Vera!” “. Olya sat down next to me”‘ You see, our abandoned eyes are so special, not just sad, empty some, share what his name was? ” I closed the book “‘Aha. You guessed it, thrown. His name was Katya. ” She lit a cigarette

“‘It’s amazing, my name was also Katya.” I laughed. Olya also smiled, “‘I’ve been here for the second day, such boring things, old people in general, and you’re just a very pleasant surprise!”

I don’t know how it happened, but Olga and I quickly developed an affair very quickly. I often caught myself thinking that I was pleased with her. And on the last day when she had to leave, I took her hand and quietly whispered “’Ol, I love you!” “She suddenly pulled her hand away and turned away.

I’m at home, loneliness gnawed at my heart again. Then, in such silence, I heard a familiar sound, the phone was ringing, it seemed to me that he hadn’t called for a thousand years, I picked up the receiver a bit and in such an uncertain voice asked “Hello!”, There was silence, only someone’s breathing, I repeated her attempt “‘Hello!” “. “‘I love you too'”. I shuddered it was my Olga, I did not know what to answer. Listen, Verun, maybe you will move to me, here it is not far for you to get to work.

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