Adventure for three. Part 1

I started looking for an apartment. At that time, in parallel with my studies, I was moonlighting, and I could afford to rent an apartment. The search did not last so long, and soon a suitable option turned up for me – a cozy and well-groomed one-room apartment. But the meaning of the story is not in the apartment. The owner of the apartment was a young girl, my age. She inherited it, and Vika, that was the name of the girl, decided to give it up.

The girl came to the show with her mother, Anna Vasilievna. It should be noted here that they were both good. And I don’t know which of them turned me on more. Vika was of average height, a little taller than her mother, with night-black hair, a pretty face, a slim figure, small breasts, and a damn attractive ass. Anna, on the other hand, was fair, with a well-preserved body for her years, beautiful toned breasts, about 3 sizes, and slender legs.

The owners of the apartment immediately liked me and settled here. The adventure began a couple of months later. Vika visited every month “to visit” to check the condition of the apartment, and to collect money for the month. That day, I did not expect her to come, and sat at the computer, corresponded with my friend, bombarding her with passionate phrases about how I would fuck her, along the way stroking the penis. Suddenly the bell rang. As the saying goes, “I was taken by surprise”, I did not hide our conversation, pulling on the shorts on the sticking out member of the stake, went to open the door. Vika stood on the threshold, she greeted affably and entered the apartment. It seemed to me that she noticed my excited state, while she smiled maliciously.

  • Come into the room, and I’ll be right back, – I immediately jumped into the bathroom, Vika went into the bedroom. I quickly began to withdraw to relieve my arousal. Having finished profusely in the sink, I did not stop to go out to the owner of the apartment. Then I went nuts even more. Vika was sitting at a computer and reading my correspondence with a smile.
  • You write great! – the girl winked at me, and continued to read.
  • Actually, it’s not decent to read other people’s letters! – I was indignant.
  • Come on, – the girl laughed. – And you can also in real life?

I don’t know what went overboard in me then, but I took her words as a call to action. Raising Vika in my arms, I carried her to the bed. She hardly resisted, and even laughed. “What are you doing?” She asked smiling. “I’m going to show you how I can!” – I began to pull off her jeans. Vika did not resist, only looked at me teasingly. Her beautiful, neatly shaved pussy was looking at me. The member in the shorts was stuck again. Taking off my clothes, I began to fuck her. The girl moaned sweetly and loudly from my movements, I tried to thrust my penis into her vagina as deep as possible. I accelerated my pace, Vika threw her legs over my shoulders. I did not stop, quickly fucking her pussy, Vika was overwhelmed with emotions every now and then, she moaned loudly, screamed. Soon I finished on her tummy.

  • You’re a dog! – Laughed, said the girl, standing up, she kissed me on the cheek, and went to the bathroom. I sat down on the sofa, the excitement had already passed, but then I remembered that the sink was splattered with my sperm. “Well, nothing, there will be a surprise for you!” – I thought, laughing. Vika came out of the bathroom, pulling on her jeans, and smiling: “I washed after you!” The girl took the money and left. After that, we met more than once, arranged funny hookups. Although our relationship remained a closed topic in conversations with friends.

A couple of months later, guys came to me. Roma brought a bottle of whiskey and got drunk properly. Soon there was talk about girls, Gosha told me that he had fucked some cool chick, and Roma suddenly remembered how they were staring at my aunt Lena. Then I got carried away with stories, and I gave out that I was fucking the landlady. The guys didn’t believe it at first, but then they started bombarding me with questions. In the end, Roma made a proposal:

  • Listen, is it serious?
  • No, I just like to fuck.
  • Maybe we will try to persuade her to a group sex?

The fact that the guys managed to persuade my aunt to hook up made me think that it might work here too. Moreover, the mere thought that we would let Vika go around in a circle excited me greatly. After a little thought, I agreed. The plan was simple – once again, when Vika comes for money, the guys and I will invite her to sit at the table, and it’s in the bag, well, Romin’s ability to blab …

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