Adventure for three. Part 2

So the end of the month came, and I phoned Vika, discussed a meeting. And they began to wait. The bell rang, I opened the door and was shocked. Anna Vasilievna was standing on the threshold. Then I thought that the plan had failed, and to hell with the plan – I have two mock rats at home, and a table with alcohol. I did not know what to do and looked at her. Anna was pretty today, she was wearing a beige dress that emphasized her charming figure, beautiful breasts; the blonde hair was down. Then Roma jumped out of the kitchen. He froze in place, stared at her, and squeezed out only a quiet: “Hello.” There was nothing to do, I couldn’t keep her on the doorstep …

  • Come into the room. I’ll bring the money now!
  • I see you have a party here?

“No, we’re going to listen to the music,” I looked like a moron at Anna Vasilyevna passing into the room.

  • Oh, blya-yayaya – Roma mumbled quietly. – In the same place, Gosh, * Albaeb, he looks at porn!

We jumped into the room. Gosha calmly continued to play up his hefty trunk, and Anna, with a smile, looked at the monitor. “Cool music!” The woman laughed. Roma, realizing that there was not a bad chance to come off, immediately took the initiative into his own hands and invited Anna to have a glass of wine with us, to which she willingly agreed. I was no longer surprised by what was happening. Remembering how easily Vika gave herself to me, I had no doubt that everything would work out now. As they say, an apple does not fall far from an apple tree.

We sat down at the table. Roma filled the glasses and gave one to Anna Vasilyevna. She sipped a little with a smile, looking at our tense faces. Then the woman raised a question that simply killed us: “Boys, are you not gay by chance?” Roma almost choked on his wine, and I coughed and laughed.

  • Where does this assumption come from? – asked Roma.
  • Well, three guys, in the same apartment. One is masturbating, the other two are drinking wine, ”she looked at us with a malicious smile.
  • No, we are normal guys! – Roma answered with a smile
  • Just young and hot! I added.

Anna finished her wine, and with a smile rose from the table, heading into the room. Roma quietly called out to me, shaking his head: “It seems that everything is growing together!” A minute later, we entered the room. Anna was already sitting next to Gosha, and gently stroking his penis with her hand, looking at the monitor, where porn was still playing. Roma winked at me with a smile. I sat down on the bed, pulling off my shorts and panties, the member was already quite aroused, and I began to slowly strok it. Roma pulled off his clothes below the waist and stood next to Anna. The woman, taking his penis in the other hand, began to masturbate him, and then, clasping her lips, began to give him a blow job. At the same time, not forgetting about the Goshen trunk. She slowly moved her head, and Romin’s member slowly entered her throat, she swallowed it to the very testicles. The guy threw back his head from such caresses and moaned softly. Then Anya happened to Gosha’s penis, starting to suck on him and podrachit. Gosha caressed Anna’s hair with his hands, and ran his hand over her face. Here the guy could not stand the pressure of the woman, and finished. Trickles of his cum splattered Anna’s face. The woman was still smiling, licking the drops of semen with her tongue. Roma quickly ran for a towel, handing it to Anya.

Anna, getting up from her knees, came up to me. She leaned towards my face, and our lips merged into a kiss. I began to pull off her dress, and soon she was left only in lace underwear. Roma settled behind, and, pulling off the woman’s panties, began to fondle her pussy with his tongue. Anna apparently got a lot of pleasure, she put her arms around my neck, stood with a crustacean, and moaned, while her hand stroked my penis. Soon Roma got tired of doing kuni, and he inserted his penis into Anya’s vagina, starting to fuck her. The woman, moaning loudly, began to wave her booty in time to the guy. I took her head and tilted her to the penis, Anna obediently took it into her mouth, and I began to push her head onto the penis.

Roma continued to play up, driving a dick into Anya’s pussy, the woman herself was already sucking my dick. Here Gosha also joined. Anna began to jerk off his hand again, at times coming off my penis and sucking it. Soon we switched places. I lay down on the bed, Anna sat on my penis, and began to ride on it, while simultaneously serving with her mouth either Goshin or Romin’s members. Anya easily sat on my penis, she was already all wet. Then Gosha walked around us from behind, and pressed Anya to me. She looked at me with excitement, then turned back, looking at the actions of Gosha. The guy attached the head of his penis to the woman’s anus, and then, spitting, began to massage the hole with his head, and then, pressing sharply, entered it. Anya screamed loudly in pain, still such a hefty member, does not enter her ass every day. Gosha drove him pretty deep. Anya began to move a little, sitting on our members. Soon Gosha himself took the initiative, began to quickly move his hips, fucking Anya’s ass. The woman moaned loudly, simultaneously with high and pain, and continued to suck Roma’s dick.

We switched places again. Roma lay down on the bed, Anya lay on top of him, the guy’s penis entered her ass, which made the woman shudder. Gosha settled over her face, and she began to suck his monster. I decided to try what I wanted for so long and entered her ass. Roma, muttered something, and Anna looked at me with dismay. But then Gosh, shoved a member into the woman’s mouth, starting to fuck him. I started to fuck the ass. Our members with Roma rubbed against each other, in a tight hole. Anya moaned loudly. This went on for a couple of minutes, and we both could not stand to cum right in her ass. Soon Gosha finished, too, Anin’s mouth with sperm.

The woman lay on the bed, breathing heavily, sperm flowing from her ass. The guys took turns going to the shower. Then Anna asked to take her to wash. To my surprise, it was quite light. I carried her to the bathroom, leaving her alone with me. After half an hour, she came out of the shower, fresh and fragrant. She was completely naked, which could not but turn us on. But Anna began to dress, saying that she had to go. We said goodbye to her, and finally, Anna asked me to keep the incident secret from her daughter.

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