Adventure out of town

Returning to the dacha, out of the corner of your eye, you noticed that three guys turned to the path after you. At first, you did not attach any importance to this, but literally 2 minutes later, when they quickened their pace, you became nervous.

You, too, began to walk faster in the hope that you will have time to quickly reach the gate, open it and close it with a key to be safe.

You “fly up” to the gate and frantically begin to open the lock. You manage to do it quickly. You enter the dacha, start closing the gate … You exhale nervously.

Guys walk past you, waving their hands and smiling. It turned out that these are your new neighbors in the country.

In 15-20 minutes you hear knocking on your gate. Looking out from behind the house of all three guys. They clearly came to meet. You let them into the territory without a second thought. They sit down with you at the table and get the wine. Together you drink to the acquaintance and a fascinating conversation ensues.

One goes to the toilet, and when he comes back, he puts his hands on your shoulders and begins to do a light massage. At first you try to refuse, but you have had a very tough and stressful last two weeks, so you quickly turn your anger into mercy.

You get a massage and you continue the conversation. After 5 minutes, you close your eyes, but you are not going to sleep. The guy massages the neck, shoulders, upper arms. It is immediately clear that he is doing this professionally.

Another 5 minutes and his hands began stroking your collarbones. You are falling more and more in your chair. A moment and he runs his hand under the shirt and does not find a bra under it. The guys are waiting for you to start resenting, at first you wanted to scream and kick them out, but already on your collarbones I realized that they would fuck you today, and you haven’t had sex for more than 1.5 months.

The masseur begins to gently knead your small titties. You moan, from which his movements become more intense. With your eyes closed, you feel how the other two came closer to you, one took you by the cheeks and passionately glared at your lips. Your tongues are entwined in your mouth. The second untied your skirt and took your hand so that you could feel his erect penis, which he had already taken out of his shorts.

The masseur pulls off your shirt and slightly pulls your nipples. You already have two members in your hands and you slowly begin to jerk them. They turn your head to the left and tell you to open your mouth. You obey and a thick cock sinks into him. You start to suck on it with pleasure, helping yourself with your tongue, and caress the eggs with your hand. Drool drips from the chin to the tummy and skirt. The guy grabs your hair and pushes your throat harder. You choke and cough loudly, but you don’t continue to jerk and suck. You get slapped on your tits and cheeks.

The head is turned to the right and another member is inserted. You absolutely don’t care if other neighbors see it. You enjoy being used as a slut. The second term is narrower, but no worse. The guy stubbornly fucks your mouth, pulling back his cheeks, getting into the throat and lingering in it for a while. You have already opened your eyes and look down at the one who pounds you, from which he gets even more turned on.

Having fucked your mouth a lot, the guy pulls the penis out of it and they pick you up from the chair. They pull off your already heavily soiled skirt. They do the same with your black panties. You all move to the chair. One guy sits on him, you put your pussy on his dick. And he starts to thrust you. Your wet pussy walks very well on his cock. All 21 cm goes into you and almost completely goes out. You start moaning and screaming loudly, so the guys put your panties in your mouth so that you don’t get too much attention.

The guy smashes your cunt with pleasure and perseverance. His cock is the longest and thickest, so it will be easier for others to fuck you. He lifts you off his penis and directs it straight into the ass, and a masseur inserts it into the pussy.

You scream, hum and moan harder. Your ass just rips apart, and your vagina is no better. The masseur pounds you wildly, he squishes loudly in her. Realizing that this position is not very comfortable, you all move to the grass together. Only now you can be fucked by all three at once.

And here are three members in you. Guys try to move harmoniously. They deeply insert their members into you and moan loudly themselves. From time to time they change holes, but someone has already managed to cum in your ass, someone on your face and hair. For the last 10 minutes you have been fucked by one masseur, who lies with his back on the grass, and you wildly ride him. He slaps you in the face, tits and ass. Pulls back hair and makes you scream louder. A moment and he cums in your pussy with a loud moan. A little more fucks you and removes from the penis, putting it on the grass.

They take pictures of you on their phones. And they write down their contacts in yours to have more fun with such a whore and a whore.

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