Ah, this girl … Part 1

It was a beautiful autumn, birds chirping, the wind was already slightly cool. But the sun still spoils with its warmth, cuts the eyes a little and warms the skin with its gentle rays. The skin of my face, hands and beautiful sophisticated legs walking in front. These legs walk so gracefully, excite my mind. The clatter of heels pleases my ears, they walk elegantly like on the catwalk. The skirt covers the contours of the hips, the slim waist and denim short jacket perfectly complement this fall look. Blond hair falls gently below the shoulders and flutters in the wind … I do not watch the time, I just followed this girl. So she ran up the steps to the station hall, and I turned to my pyron, these legs were still walking in front of my eyes and the clatter of heels was heard in my ears.

I drove from my parents to my home, and this is a day’s journey. I settled down near the window the bus was half empty. Tomorrow I go straight to work from the ship to the ball. The bus started up, and I kept looking for her. My heart was pounding quickly, I wanted one more time, one last … to see this lovely girl, to breathe her in like the last breath of air. Having already lost hope and closed my eyes, I leaned back in my chair and, like an oil painting, painted that square, leaves circling in the wind, in my head her heels were still clattering and ears were catching the rustle of leaves. Oh, I would now have a canvas, a brush and paints … and I would paint a picture. It would certainly be a masterpiece! The bus stopped for a moment, the door quickly opened and then closed. I heard a soft female voice of gratitude to the driver … who immediately completed my sketch,

  • Yes, he would be very suitable for her, here she is an ideal woman …

I heard footsteps in the aisle, opened my eyes, and saw a blond Goddess who was making her way with a bag to the end of the bus – it was her. My heart sank, but then it beat like a boy, still green, not experienced, afraid to approach his first love a little. But finding the strength in myself, I still fired:

“Let me help you,” and without waiting for an answer, and not wanting to hear it, he got up and almost took her bag away from her ..

  • Um … thanks probably – the girl answered embarrassedly.

And then we both froze, everything was too fast, and I and she tried to digest what was happening. All that first came to my mind was to laugh softly:

  • Sorry if you scared me, my name is Eugene.
  • Elena, – she answered a little embarrassedly, and a blush appeared on her cheeks.
  • Do you eat far?
  • Almost to the end. And you?
  • I do, of course, – we already sat down on the seats almost at the end of the bus.

People sat down wherever it was convenient, outside the window flashed trees trembling with golden leaves. Her beautiful smile, green eyes and pleasant voice … it was all like a fairy tale. It was too beautiful to be real. We talked a lot, she came on the weekend for a wedding to a friend, almost caught a bouquet. We kept talking and talking, it seemed we had known each other all our lives, we knew this city far and wide … did not notice how dark it was, everyone was already asleep. We ourselves fell asleep.

I woke up from the fact that the bus stopped at one of the roadside canteens, some of them got out. Coming to my senses, I felt her warm breath on my neck, our hands were intertwined. Her knee shone so seductively in the rays of the moon that I could not help stroking it. My palm fell on it, soft and smooth, I carefully made several circles on it. The leg moved. But then she froze again. I bent down and buried my face in her hair and inhaled her scent. The palm rose along the upper side of the leg to the edge of the skirt and stopped just under it, climbing. I felt her velvety skin, soft and warm, so inviting. Then I froze and did not know. What to do, as if I was afraid to scare this moment … Then the bus jerked and drove off, a hand from the push slipped under the skirt:

“A tricky move,” she said smiling without opening her eyes.

  • You are awake, for a long time ?. I wanted to take my hand away, but it seemed to stick to her velvety skin.

“Enough to understand what skillful hands you have, and she stroked my other hand.

I bent down and kissed her, she seemed to resist, but immediately answered, Soft and tender lips all betrayed her. I hugged her, my hand had already risen higher and stroked her thigh, the second I slipped from my shoulder to my side and then grabbed her chest. She bit my lip a little and pulled back gently purring. And then she clung to me again. I unbuttoned her blouse and saw a beautiful small chest, she did not have a bodice and I immediately grabbed one of her papillae with my lips. He answered me with hardening and was filled with more and more warmth. She breathed heavily. Her hand laid on my hair and began to wander there. The second nipple was already wrapped around my fingers. And they twisted it, they ran around its halo, climbed along it in a spiral to its very top and sharply grabbed it, gently squeezing and twisting it. From such actions, she almost screamed but restrained herself and bit her lip. The second hand has already reached her panties, which were already slightly wet, running around them with my fingers and I took them to the bottom. She slipped a little and spread her legs with her knees in the front seat, giving me access. With the first touch to her pussy, she arched and leaning forward, touching the lips, I fiddled with them with the very tips of my fingers, she started up more and more. Here my palm completely fell on them and pressed firmly, moving slightly up and down along it. She began to wag her hips a little and breathe hard.

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