Ah, this girl … Part 2

I circled my tongue around her papilla, fiddled with him, he stuck out to meet my tongue, my chest more and more often rose to meet his caresses. Grasping the second breast, I gently squeezed it, squeezed, squeezed the nipple between my fingers and pulled it back until it slipped out. She felt my already swollen penis and pressed hard on it began to iron it through the pants, then unbuttoned the pants and her gentle fingers touched it, she slowly began to iron it, remove the skin to the very base and rise to the top of the head, squeezing it from all sides and masturbate briefly … my breathing quickened. She moved her hips to the very edge of the seat and my fingers penetrated her hot flesh … she moaned restrainedly through her lips and bit my ear, which bent towards me. I answered immediately – two fingers entered quickly and abruptly completely into her, everything was already on fire, she squeezed them tightly and waved her hips. My big kid lay down on her clitoris and, pressing, began to roll it, circle around him, on her, around again, so he almost without touching rubs against the very top of it, and now he tightly squeezed it and rubbed against it.

She sits on my fingers like a member, I accelerate the pace, tightly walking in it, she wriggles, her legs are spread between the seats, one hand pulls my hair, the other rests against the glass. I speed up the pace and from the blows of my palm it rises, when the fingers exit, it tries to squeeze them as fashionably as it is fashionable, and on the contrary relaxes when entering. Wave after wave of trembling and pleasure ran through her body, sparks galloped in her eyes like electric current, her tummy squirmed, her chest trembled. A few more tremors, strong and deep, and now she, already crouched on them, violently erupts into my hand, she moans trying to restrain herself as much as possible, bends her, wave after wave covers her. Eyes roll, hands dig into my skin, and she fidgets gratefully on my fingers. I press her clitoris and she herself is almost motionless, only convulsions, they rub against her finger.

I rise and kiss her gently, she looks with her glowing eyes and one hand is already on my penis again. She squeezed it tightly at the base, slowly mockingly moving, the second goes down and grabs the scrotum, touches the testicles, gently kisses me. It plays with my tongue and goes down to the bottom, pulling back the skin, she licked the head with a quick movement, I trembled from such a touch, and squeezed her chest, she immediately grabbed the whole head and spiraled her tongue in a spiral from the top to the bridle. The hand began to squeeze strongly down to the bottom and slightly letting go up. The lips only slid over the head. The delicate skin of which was getting hotter, it swelled on her lips, they exchanged warmth, but now she pulls away, runs her tongue around the head, under the bridle rises along the seam to its top, freezes for a second, while the hand rises to the head and drops sharply letting her in as deeply as possible. The lips are pressed against the fingers. Fingers reach the very base – so my penis is completely squeezed by it, she squeezes it tightly and imperiously, the hot penis slipped along her tongue to the very throat and rested on it, I leaned forward and she almost choked.

Frozen, gently rolling the scrotum began to rise. she completely embracing it like a pump walked on it, a member like a piston went in her mouth, tongue like a snake treacherously accelerated more and more. I moved my hips towards her lips. She accelerated, lips touched the head, the trunk, squeezed it tightly, grabbing deeply. The hand accelerated the pace, it was like an extension of his lips tightly squeezing him. It felt like it was about to explode in it, it was hard hot and pulsating. And in one of the jerks, I squeezed her chest, with my other hand dug into the back of the chair and threw back my head, released the first stream of hot semen, she seemed to expect it – deftly catching it, she stopped on the head tightly pressing it to the palate, and tightly grabbing the penis The barrel was drilled quickly. Stream after stream she caught the murch, squeezed her scrotum tightly and rolled her testicles. Now I was beating in ecstasy in her arms. Making light intuitive movements, everything in my head was floating, the heat covered the whole body, I went limp and relaxed. She pulled back and kissed a member goodbye. She smiled tenderly and blinked at me.

  • What a sweet lollipop, this is my best trip.
  • What sweet lips. – That’s all I could squeeze out – You’re just lovely.

In this form, we sat reclining for five minutes, recovering. Then we somehow got dressed and hugging waited for the next stop – unfortunately it was her station, we said goodbye in a tender kiss. She was met there by her fiance. Watching their hugs in the window of the departing bus, I still felt her hot crotch in my arms, our lips froze in a passionate kiss and a member of the tender and firm embrace of her velvet handles. For the first time in my life, I felt so light in my soul and heavy in my heart … Feelings were mixed in me, some covered in others … at one moment I wanted to stop the bus and steal it, at another I wanted to cry from the fact that I no longer had it see …

That night I never fell asleep … I drew in my head over and over again a picture of a girl walking through golden leaves, then her smile and a gentle look with silky hair, so I am already drawing how she stands on a pyrone with her fiancé and like night covering it with its black wing takes it …

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