Alena in obedience school. Part 1

Alena, a beautiful middle-aged woman with a juicy body, loved her husband very much and her husband also treated her very tenderly. But she knew that she wanted to obey in sex, wanted not to be asked if it was possible to do this and that, but simply did whatever she wanted with her. Alena dreamed of mild pain, humiliation, she wanted punishment and some violence. She wanted to feel like the favorite toy of an imperious person, but her husband did not share her desires at all. In addition, he often went on business trips and on lonely nights, unsatisfied fantasies completely captured the soul and body of a woman. Half asleep, holding the blanket between her legs, Alena rushed about in a hot bed, dreaming of how shamelessly she would fulfill the whims of her Master. Finding no rest, she went out onto the balcony in one peignoir and stood barefoot for a long time on the cold concrete. Alena put clothespins on her nipples and did household chores in this form. She imagined that she was doing this on the orders of the Master. She simply did not dare to fulfill other fantasies herself, they seemed so shameless to her. And then one day, quite by accident, Alena came across a strange advertisement on the Internet: “A private school teaches women humility and obedience.” Alena’s heart sank in anticipation of a bright adventure. After a short correspondence, Alena arrived at the office at the indicated address. The door was opened by a well-groomed miniature lady of 35-40 years old, dressed in a business suit. She carefully looked at Alena, examining her from head to toe before letting her into the office.

  • So, you are Alena?
  • Yes.
  • Anna Sergeevna, director. Do you like submission in sex? Anna Sergeevna asked, looking straight into Alena’s eyes.
  • I really want it – Alena answered, looking down. “But I never had a chance to try.
  • And you want to study with us?
  • Yes I want to…
  • Okay. But you must understand that your pride will not be considered here. During the training process, our employees will own you. You will be forced to do what you are now, perhaps you are even embarrassed to think. You will be subjected to numerous procedures of a very humiliating nature, and you will not have the right to refuse them. Doesn’t that scare you?

“Not at all,” Alena breathed, feeling her hands tremble and blood pounding in her temples. In fact, she was very worried, but curiosity and a thirst for new sensations outweighed fear and shame.

  • Are you ready to start your studies?
  • Yes! – having gathered all her resolve, Alena answered.
  • Then let’s take a look at you. Stand up!

Alena got up, looking down at the floor. Anna Sergeevna walked around her, carefully examining her. Taking Alena by the chin, she lifted Alena’s head and studied her face. Pressing her chin with her finger, Anna Sergeevna opened Alena’s mouth and slightly squinted, examined her teeth. Alena felt like a thing to be asked about when deciding whether to buy or pass by.

  • Taak … Walk around the office … very good. Take off your shoes and dress!

Alena took off her shoes, made them up by the table and froze in confusion.

  • You did not forget? The dress must be taken off too!

With unbending fingers, Alena unbuttoned her dress, took it off and hung it on a chair, remaining in a bra, tights and panties.

  • Now tights!

Alena took off her tights and put them in the pocket of her dress.

  • Walk around the office again!

This time Alena walked not so confidently, stepping barefoot on the prickly and not entirely clean carpet.

  • Take off your panties and bra!

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