Alena in obedience school. Part 2

Burning with shame, Alena took off her linen and put it on a chair, covering it with a dress.

  • Stand against the wall facing me, I will take a picture of you. Put your arms at your sides, like this … Turn sideways to me, stand straight. So now your back. Now turn to me, squat down. Lie on your back, raise your legs up – Anna Sergeevna commanded.

Alena barely had time to take a new pose when a flash blazed and a new command sounded. Alena felt like a trained dog, to which the owner gives commands. The feeling of unreality of the situation suppressed the feeling of shame and the woman obediently carried out any, the most indecent, orders. Finally, Anna Sergeevna finished filming.

  • So, let’s take a closer look … – Anna Sergeyevna drawled, taking out a package with sterile gloves from a drawer. With a sinking heart, Alena watched as Anna Sergeevna put on gloves, creaking and clicking latex. Anna Sergeevna went up to Alena and carefully examined her skin, touching her stomach, raising her arms, breasts, demanding to bend over and spread her legs, show the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet.
  • What about the breasts? – Anna Sergeevna squeezed Alena’s nipples and pulled them quite hard on herself. A moan escaped Alena’s lips. Anna Sergeevna crumpled Alena’s breasts, squeezed and twisted her nipples, carefully and calmly looking into Alena’s eyes. Alena’s moans and sighs did not touch her at all. Alena stood on bending legs, biting her lip, she was almost not ashamed, she felt her excitement grow and her vagina was filled with moisture. Finally Anna Sergeevna released Alena’s breasts. Exhausted, reddened nipples protruded high up.
  • Very good, just great sensitivity! – Anna Sergeevna admired the creation of her own hands for a minute.
  • Lie on the table, buttocks closer to the edge, spread your legs and place them on the edge of the table! Anna Sergeevna ordered.

Alena shyly obeyed. Putting her hands on Alena’s hips, Anna Sergeevna spread the woman’s legs even more. Alena’s vagina opened slightly. Smoothing her lips, Anna Sergeevna parted them even wider, so that Alena’s delicate hole kissed her, letting in a little air. Anna Sergeevna looked through the dark pink hole. Alena groaned in slight pain and shame. Having moved the pads of the thumbs to the buttocks, Anna Sergeevna parted them, slightly stretching Alena’s anus. Alena gasped, but Anna Sergeevna had already removed her hands.

  • Everything, my dear. I’ve already finished. Come on, I’ll show you to our doctor – she said. – Leave your clothes here, you won’t need it soon.

Anna Sergeevna led completely naked Alena down a small corridor. It was cool in the corridor, Alena spanked with bare feet on the cold linoleum behind Anna Sergeevna. Her heart was beating wildly with fear mixed with curiosity. Finally, they entered a room that contained only a gynecological chair, a couch, a desk and a small cabinet with tools and cans, as well as the entrance to a small restroom with a shower and toilet. A young doctor rose from the table and greeted Anna Sergeevna.

  • Meet Andrey Vadimovich, this is Alena – said Anna Sergeyevna and left the room.

The doctor just smiled back and gestured Alena to the gynecological chair. Sitting down, Alena thought that the doctor was five years younger than her, or even eight. This thought confused her greatly. She was also embarrassed by how calmly her beautiful naked body was treated here. Even this young doctor did not seem at all excited by the fact that there was a completely naked beauty in front of him. He was just doing his job.

  • Stop, stop, don’t sit down. Kneel on the seat and rest your hands on the armrests. We’ll give you an enema before the examination.

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