Alena in obedience school. Part 3

Alena’s heart skipped a beat. This is how it began … Alena was on all fours with her bare feet out towards the doctor. Andrei Vadimovich took out a jar of thick grease, put on gloves and drew a large lump of white grease on his index finger. A spicy scent filled the room. He parted the woman’s buttocks, put his finger to the anal circle and began to massage gently. The grease turned out to be warming, it slightly pinched Alena’s hole, who was not used to such treatment. The doctor massaged for a long time, but as soon as he tried to insert a finger into the anus, Alena, screaming “Ay!”, Drew back.

“You should take a deep breath, it helps you relax,” the doctor said.

  • I don’t want to take an enema! – Alena answered sharply and jumped off the gynecological chair.

Andrei Vadimovich did not say anything, only snuffled displeased. He walked up to Alena from behind, with one unexpected movement gathered her wrists into his fist and pulled up until Alena bent over, almost reaching her knees with her forehead. The woman’s breasts hung down helplessly. With his free hand, he patted Alena on the inner thighs, making it clear that he needed to spread his legs. Having collected more lubricant, he advised Alena to breathe deeper and began to massage her anus with some effort. From such an appeal, Alena lost her sense of reality. Her will was suppressed, her muscles relaxed, she hung on her hands, tightly held behind her back by the doctor. He felt Alena’s ass open and did not hesitate to insert a finger into her anus. She gasped softly. Andrey Vadimovich began slowly injecting, turning and removing his finger, distributing the lubricant in Alena’s sphincter. The woman’s body moved with the doctor’s hand. She groaned and moaned softly.

  • Get in the chair! – the doctor dragged the woman to the chair.

Alena got down on all fours. Her ass just sparkled with grease. Andrey Vadimovich took out his finger and inserted the tip of the combined heating pad into her anus. Opening the valve, he let water into the woman’s intestines. A few minutes later Alena began to moan, her belly increased noticeably from the water.

  • My little one, a little more, a little more – the doctor said, massaging her stomach.

Having emptied the reservoir into Alena’s intestines, the doctor took out the tip and quickly replaced it with a small silicone plug. He stood nearby, putting one hand on Alena’s back and stroking her belly with the other. The stomach, swollen from the water, ached and rumbled loudly.

  • Let go, I want to go to the toilet. – Alena begged the doctor.
  • Be patient a little, otherwise the enema will not work. – answered the doctor.

Five minutes later, Andrei Vadimovich allowed Alena to go to the toilet, she jumped up and ran away with a groan. From there, the splashing of water, groans and sighs could be heard for several minutes. Finally Alena, swaying slightly, returned. The doctor repeated the procedure two more times. Returning from the toilet for the third time, Alena felt cleansed and even slightly lost weight, her tummy became flatter. Despite the fact that the procedures a little tired her, she was pleased with the new sensations.

  • Lie down on the couch. Now we will shave your crotch – said the doctor.

Alena lay down on the couch. The doctor spread her legs wide, applied shaving gel to the woman’s pubis and crotch, and began to shave, rinsing the razor frequently. The doctor grabbed the large lips between his fingers, parted and carefully shaved, pulling them in different directions. Andrey Vadimovich asked Alena to get down on all fours. Parting her buttocks and shaving Alena’s anus, the doctor wiped off the remnants of the gel and put a wet hot towel in her crotch so that there was no irritation.

  • Let’s go to the shower, we will complete the rite of your cleansing – said Andrey Vadimovich and smiled when he saw that Alena was still obediently on all fours.

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