Alena in obedience school. Part 4

The doctor gave Alena a cellophane hair cap. Alena stood in the pallet, the doctor put on a long polyethylene apron and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. He washed her as they wash an expensive pedigree horse in a stall, without emotions and unnecessary movements, without lingering any longer than necessary in her intimate places. Alena was offended. The doctor was sympathetic to her and treated her, although severely, but carefully. Alena really wanted him to become interested in her as a woman. But he only turned her, lifted her arms, breasts, rearranged her legs and non-stop rubbing her body with a soft sponge. Taking a stiff brush, he asked to lift his left foot and began to carefully rub her heel and sole.

  • Stop, please, this is unbearably ticklish! – Alena begged.
  • Be patient, I need to wash you well – Andrei Vadimovich answered.

Alena, gritting her teeth and writhing from tickling, barely waited for him to finish. He did the same with the other foot. Then the doctor thoroughly wiped Alena’s body, blotting even the navel and every finger on the woman’s hands and feet.

“Put on your shoes so as not to get your feet dirty,” said the doctor, moving a pair of blue rubber flip flops with his foot to Alenin’s feet.

Alena put on her slippers and got out of the shower. Apart from slippers, she was wearing nothing.

“You need to undergo a thorough gynecological and rectal examination before we continue,” the doctor announced.

Alena sat down in a gynecological chair. Andrei Vadimovich carefully, centimeter by centimeter, examined and felt Alena’s breasts, asking her to lean back, then sit down, then raise her arms, then bend over. After completing the examination of the breast, the doctor took out and put on sterile gloves.

  • Sit as close to the edge of the chair as possible. Okay, now put your feet on the stands – said the doctor.

Alena touched the nickel-plated coasters with her heels and drew back her legs in surprise – the coasters were very cold. Realizing that this will still have to be done, Alena put the legs in the coasters. Toes curled up in the cold and pressed against the sole. The doctor pulled up a stool, sat down between Alena’s legs and directed the gooseneck lamp directly into the woman’s crotch. Parting Alena’s labia with his hands so wide that she grimaced, the doctor carefully examined them and the entrance to the vagina. Taking out a disposable gynecological speculum from the suitcase, the doctor moistened it with warm boiled water, carefully inserted it into Alena’s vagina and opened it to the optimal width. After examining the cervix and the walls of the vagina, he inserted two fingers into the vagina and pressing with his left hand on the abdominal wall, probed the internal genital organs of the woman. The doctor inserted one finger into the vagina and the other into Alena’s anus and carefully probed the septum, gradually extending the fingers. Taking out his fingers, the doctor lubricated Alena’s anus and inserted his index finger into it. The doctor probed the walls of the rectum for a long time, turning his finger and gradually removing it. Alena, moaning, waited for the end of the examination. Finally the doctor pulled out his finger.

“Wait a minute, I need to rebuild the rectal exam chair a bit,” the doctor announced.

He changed the angle of the seat so that Alena’s butt rose above her head. Alena’s heels barely touched the coasters.

  • Catch your legs under your knees and pull them to your chest. No, no, you don’t need to bring your legs together, keep them wider – the doctor ordered.

Alena looked up at the doctor, between her widely spread legs. Her buttocks were right in front of his face. Never in her life has Alena felt so open, defenseless and submissive. The doctor inserted a rectal speculum into Alena’s anus. Turning the lamp, he began to look at the walls of the rectum.

  • Have you had any experience of anal sex? – asked the doctor, moving the rectal speculum in Alena’s ass.
  • No, I never had a partner who could offer it – Alena muttered shyly.
  • Nothing, everything is ahead of you. The doctor smiled.

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