Alena in obedience school. Part 5

The doctor took out the rectal speculum, took out a small anal plug, generously lubricated it and slowly, with difficulty, screwed it into Alena’s anus. Tears welled up in the woman’s eyes.

  • Relax, be patient a little, it doesn’t hurt. That’s right, smart girl – the doctor said, stroking Alena’s hands and feet.

With his finger he began to caress Alena’s clitoris, swinging the plug with his other hand. The feeling of discomfort in the stretched anus was replaced by pleasure. Alena’s crotch was filled with a sweet … feeling. Alena’s moans became stronger and stronger, her hands squeezed the handrails of the gynecological chair, her toes turned to her foot. The doctor fiddled with Alena’s clitoris with light, rhythmic finger movements, the waves that foreshadow an orgasm rolled stronger and stronger. Alena breathed with sobs, more and more often, until she burst into a high-pitched cry, lifting her long legs and shaking them in the air. When Alena had calmed down, the doctor carefully took out the cork and carried Alena to the couch.

  • You see how good it is. – Doctor Alena smiled.

While Alena was recovering, the doctor took out a chain with a pair of clips and leather handcuffs.

  • Now we will take care of your papillae so that they become more sensitive. – Andrey Vadimovich announced.

Putting Alena’s hands behind her back, the doctor bound them with handcuffs. He put clamps on Alena’s nipples. Andrey Vadimovich tugged on the chain slightly. It hurt, but to Alena’s surprise, she was very excited.

  • Get on the table! The doctor said.

He helped Alena to get up on the table and told her to squat, her buttocks to the edge of the table. Slapping bare feet on the tabletop, Alena finally took the right position. The doctor put on a glove, dipped his fingers into a jar of lubricant and began to rub it into Alena’s anus. The doctor inserted his fingers deeper and deeper, rotating and moving them in Alena’s ass. From the energetic movements of the hand of Dr. Alain, standing practically on tiptoes, a couple of times almost lost her balance. Andrei Vadimovich noticed this and began to hold her stomach with his free hand. Three fingers worked in Alena’s rectum, expanding the entrance and massaging the uterus through the thin wall. It was an exciting experience. Alena tried to guess how it would end. The answer was found quickly. The doctor took his fingers out of Alena’s ass, took out of the suitcase a huge dildo, seven centimeters in diameter, generously lubricated it and glued it to the table on a suction cup, which was on the back side. Alena looked with horror at the silicone monster, and the doctor was already pushing her towards him.

  • Come on, take it in the anus. After such “training” you will not be afraid of any undertakings of the Master – said the doctor, smiling.

Alena stepped over the table so that she was directly above this object. She began to slowly, with a groan and hiss, try to sit on it. The head of the dildo literally tore apart her ass, but she could not even accept the tip of the head. Alena got up, frowned and again tried to sit on this object. The doctor added lubricant to the dildo and in Alena’s ass, kneaded her anus with four fingers and Alena tried again. Finally, the head of the silicone monster tightly entered Alena’s ass. After sitting motionless and getting used to it a little, Alena began to slowly sit down on him until she took almost everything. After making another pause, Alena began to move carefully up and down. The doctor took out a small vibrator, turned it on and applied it to the woman’s swollen clitoris. Alena was seized by a mixed feeling of sweet languor and slight pain in her stretched ass to the limit. Alena was getting stronger and stronger, she was already screaming and jumping on a dildo shining with grease. The doctor teased the bloody hood of the clitoris and small lips with a vibrator. She moved faster and faster, sobbing and screaming, until she collapsed on her side with an inhuman scream, legs tucked in. A huge dildo peeled off the table and stuck out of Alena’s ass. The doctor pulled it out carefully. Where the speck of her neat anus had been, there was now an inflamed, throbbing pink hole.

  • How lovely! – whispered the doctor, stroking Alena on the ass.

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