Alena in obedience school. Part 6

The doctor took out soothing candles and inserted two at once, Alena only moaned in gratitude. The freshly shaved lips of the vagina and the tips of the candles sticking out of the ass made up a very cute picture. Alena deliberately pulled her legs to her stomach to give the doctor the opportunity to enjoy the spectacle, she was excited by her own shamelessness. She slightly wiggled her bound hands and rotated her pink feet, numb from a long squatting.

A couple of minutes later Anna Sergeevna entered the room. The doctor unhooked the handcuffs, but did not remove them.

– Alena, I’m tired for the day. Wash my legs – said Anna Sergeevna, sitting down on the couch.

Alena took Anna Sergeevna’s leg, rolled up her trousers, took off her shoe and nylon sock. Anna Sergeevna’s leg was clean, with a light aroma, the most delicate matte skin and impeccably groomed fingers. Alena licked the soles and fingers of Anna Sergeevna, she was excited by the cleanliness of this sleek woman.

– Andrey Vadimovich, put Alena on the couch and tie. Anna Sergeevna ordered.

Alena lay down on her stomach. The doctor put wide leather belts on her thighs, put another set of leather handcuffs on her ankles. Bending Alena’s right leg, the doctor tied the ankle with a chain with a thigh and right hand, in the same way he tied the other leg with an arm. Anna Sergeevna pushed a chair to the couch from the side of Alena’s legs, sat down on it and put her feet on the edge of the couch. Alena waited anxiously, not understanding what awaited her.

– Andrey, lubricate! – said Anna Sergeevna, pointing to her feet.

The doctor wiped Anna Sergeevna’s feet with a sanitary napkin and smeared them with thick grease. Putting on a glove, he introduced a good lump of lubricant into Alena’s vagina, and did the same with the anus.

– Vibrator!

The doctor turned on the vibrator and handed it to Anna Sergeevna. She inserted a vibrator into Alena’s anus. Alena hissed, her ass still hadn’t recovered from the irritation that the huge dildo had given her.

– Quiet, quiet, my dear. That’s all. – Anna Sergeevna reassured Alena.

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