Alena in obedience school. Part 7

Anna Sergeevna began to stroke Alena’s ass and pussy lips with her velvet, well-oiled feet. She inserted her big toe into the woman’s vagina. Holding the base of the vibrator between her fingers, she wiggled, pushed and pulled the vibrator. Alena was strongly turned on by this game, she liked that she, bound and powerless, was so subtly tormented by a gorgeous woman.

– Roller! Anna Sergeyevna demanded.

The doctor put a small handle in Anna Sergeevna’s hand, on which a small spiked roller was installed. Anna Sergeevna ran the roller along Alena’s upward-directed sole. Alena screamed in surprise. Anna Sergeevna began to roll the video on Alena’s legs, buttocks, and back. Alena moaned, hissed and shivered, but the shackles did not allow her to move, she could only clench her fists and rotate her feet.

– Andrey, turn it over! – Having played enough with the video, Anna Sergeevna ordered.

The doctor took out a vibrator from the woman’s anus, unhooked the shackles, turned Alena over and again clasped her hips, ankles and hands. Then he spread Alena’s legs wider. Meanwhile, Anna Sergeevna took off her pants and panties, put on her panties with a dildo and lubricated it well. The sight of slender Anna Sergeevna, dressed in one white blouse, from under which a large artificial penis protruded, neat buttocks and slender strong legs were visible, aroused Alena. Anna Sergeevna went up to Alena and plunged her finger into the woman’s vagina. Slightly teasing a hot hole, eager for caress, she introduced a strapon. Anna Sergeevna pulled on the chain, Alena’s nipples stretched out after the chain. Alena’s breasts were seized by sweet pain, she moaned. Anna Sergeyevna began to have Alena, Anna Sergeyevna’s neat ass tensed, her hips often spanked Alena’s ass. Andrei Vadimovich approached Anna Sergeyevna from behind, took off her blouse and bra and began to caress Anna Sergeyevna’s body. The voluptuous cries of Alena and the caresses of the young doctor turned Anna Sergeyevna stronger and stronger, she had Alena faster and faster. Anna Sergeevna put the doctor’s hands on her chest, Andrei squeezed them tightly and began to crush his large brown nipples. From this spectacle, Alena lost control of herself and began to wave the blows of the merciless pin with which Anna Sergeevna had her. As soon as Alena finished, Anna Sergeevna pulled off the strap-on and reinserted it into Alena’s vagina.

Take me! – excitedly she croaked to Andrei, pressing her naked body against his robe.

The doctor immediately undressed, leaving only his shoes on. Grabbing Anna Sergeevna by the sides, he put her on his thighs and thrust his penis into her hot bosom. Anna Sergeevna wrapped her arms and legs around him, dug into his mouth with an eager kiss and huddled on his penis. Andrei, holding Anna Sergeyevna, distraught with passion, under the ass, went to the gynecological chair and sat the woman on the edge. Anna Sergeevna leaned back slightly, the doctor took her breasts in his hands and squeezed them tightly, began literally hammering the woman – his excitement had long gone beyond all conceivable boundaries. Alena, still lying on the couch with her legs apart, between which the strap-on straps hung, watched with envy the frantic sex of the doctor and Anna Sergeevna. Anna Sergeevna did not scream – she screamed wildly, sometimes breaking into roars and growls. When both had finished, the doctor, with the last of his strength, carried Anna Sergeyevna to the couch and laid her next to Alena, while he sat down on the floor. Exhausted but happy to have pleased two women, he lightly stroked their faces and caressed their bodies from neck to toes.

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