Alena moves. Part 1

Alena was looking forward to this day with impatience and anxiety. Today she and her husband are moving to their new home, which took so long to build. The house is finally finished, the new furniture is in place, the grass and trees are in place. It remains to transport only personal belongings, which turned out to be an amazing amount. It’s amazing how quickly a person becomes overgrown with all kinds of junk in a relatively short period of time. Alena once again looked at the pyramid of suitcases, boxes and bags. Everything is good. It remains to fill one chest, and in an hour the loaders will arrive and take everything to the new house. This chest was intended for Alena. Once with her husband, they argued and agreed that in the event of Alena’s defeat, she would spend three hours in this old chest, bound hand and foot and with a gag in her mouth. And three months later, my husband remembered about the old favor, and Alena had to move with all the things in the truck. The husband entered the room, looked at his beautiful wife. – It’s time. Take off your rags Rolling your eyes and sighing ostentatiously, Alena took off her dress, panties and bra. The cool air of the room instantly made her nipples turn to stone.

Alena simply refused to explain the behavior of her nipples in another way. The husband went up to the naked girl, walked around her and calmly said: – Hands behind your back. Leather handcuffs that came from nowhere bound alenin wrists. The feeling of discomfort only intensified when the second pair of handcuffs was fastened just above the elbows, forcing the girl to arch her back so that her breasts began to somehow demanding and even brazenly protrude forward. And only Alena tried to open her mouth and ask to take off or at least loosen the handcuffs, when something very large and strongly resembling a man’s penis climbed into her mouth.

No matter how she twisted her head and did not try to delay or push this “member”, she did not achieve anything except a slap on the ass, which somehow immediately calmed her down. He calmed him down, not because it hurt or humiliating to get on the ass at her age, but simply somehow calmed her down, or even rather calmed her down, although Alena continued to frown and moan demandingly. The tongue was pressed, and the tip of this artificial penis reached the throat. Alena still tried to say at least something, but nothing came of it except hum. The husband, meanwhile, fastened the lock on the back of her head and passed the iron ring through a special strap. Then, pressing on Alena’s shoulders, he lowered his wife to his knees, laid her chest on the chest and, slightly raising the legs folded together, put a leather belt on the ankles, which tightly squeezed both legs. Pulling Alena’s hair sharply, he pulled them together and made a tight ponytail using a regular hair tie. Having finished with the hair, the husband pulled out a very long and thin leather belt with small rings along the entire length and began to wrap the bound beauty with it. He began from above, slowly going down, not forgetting, of course, about the breasts, and after such “knitting” Alena’s breasts somehow rose even more. The back leather belt is so tight. pressed his hands to his back, so that nothing but his fingers could move. Alena felt a little creepy, and the constricted chest did not allow her to breathe. When a bunch of small straps appeared in the hands of her husband, Alena already guessed herself that even the fingers of her motionless hands would be tied together. She turned out to be only partially right – the husband, plus everything, used one of the straps to tie two big toes.

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