Alena moves. Part 2

Putting Alena face down on the floor, her husband demanded that she lift her ass and spread her legs at the knees. It’s not as easy as it might seem at first glance, besides, Alena suddenly felt that she was so wet between her legs that she didn’t really want to give her husband her excitement so easily. But after a few sensitive spanks, she just stopped thinking about resistance and lifted her ass, spreading her legs as far as possible. Then the husband seemed to remember something and took off the leather fetters from his feet. Alena felt better, she spread her legs even more and stuck out her ass. Alena imagined how she looks from the outside and it seemed to her that she would end with just one thought about it. She began to rock back and forth, trying to look as seductive as possible. Moreover, she did not hide the fact that her husband just needed to substitute his penis, and she would fuck herself with it. In addition, her erect nipples rubbed so nicely on the cold floor that she could not stop. While Alena was engaged in catching a member of her man, he put leather shorts on her and lowered them just above her knees. Then he pulled out a decent-sized vibrator and just inserted Alena between her legs. While Alena was thinking about what was happening, he inserted another vibrator into her ass. Both of them entered so easily and quickly that while Alena was just beginning to figure out what had happened, he had already pulled the shorts over her hips and buttoned them up. Without wasting time, he immediately fixed three straps tightly: one above the knees, one below and the last one on the ankles. Alena could not stand such a betrayal and began to twirl and wriggle, somewhat resembling a fish thrown onto the hot sand. Only, unlike the fish, Alena did not hesitate to express everything that she thought on this topic. Only nobody could understand her. When the last strap on her toes was secured, her husband slapped her round ass with a grin and said:

  • Thank you for the vibrators. I know we didn’t agree that way, but when I thought that you needed to spend three hours alone, I felt sorry for you. But now you won’t be very bored. I programmed both vibrators to work for a maximum of two minutes and turn on at different random intervals. So keep in mind – if the vibrator turns on, then you better come faster. suddenly it will only work for ten seconds. Now I will pack you in a chest and get you out of there in a new house. At first I wanted to close the chest with locks, but who knows what will happen on the way – therefore only with the bolt. Besides, a little extra fears that someone will reveal you will add pepper to the situation. I hope you don’t need to explain why it’s better not to make sounds? If Alena could, she would have scratched his entire face, although somewhere in the depths of her soul the situation seriously turned on, but with vibrators he is certainly wrong – this is probably too much. She can’t stand such torture … – Do you have any questions? There are no questions – summed up her scoundrel husband and started the last stage of work. With the help of a rope, he connected the ring on the back of Alena’s head with the rings on a leather belt that entangled the beauty’s body. All rings were located along the spine. After that, the belt was threaded through the handcuffs and the strap in the shorts. The last strap was at the tied ankles.

As soon as the rope went through the ankles, it returned to the alen’s nape again. The rope was again threaded through the ring at the back of the head and began to slowly pull together. Alena was forced to first bend her knees, and then her head stretched towards her legs. The rope did not stop tightening until Alena arched her back so that her breasts rose above the floor and her erect nipples became visible. As soon as the captive of her own husband arched, her captor fixed the rope with several strong knots and released her. “There are only two things left, girl. With that, he pulled out a small chain with clips at both ends and immediately attached them to the woman’s nipples. Alena tried to move or moo to express her protest. Of course it didn’t help. – And the second moment – this is a silk scarf in your eyes – the husband solemnly said, plunging Alena into darkness. After smoking a cigarette and observing the immobilized wife, he finally approached her, lifted and carefully lowered her to the bottom of the chest. After fiddling with the straps for several minutes, he attached Alena to the chest, felt the vibrator buttons through the shorts, turned them on and slammed the lid. At the same moment, he heard a knock on the door. The movers arrived.

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