Alena’s panties

The evening had already come, I was going home to Alena, who with her friend went to rest on the sea and asked me to look after her cat, who stayed at home. I was 17 then, I hadn’t had sex yet, and neither had a girl, I often masturbated imagining that I was having sex with Alenka … Alena was a tall, slender, long-haired brunette with 2 breast sizes, she was so beautiful that I got up right away as I was just thinking about her) When I came to her house, I immediately went to feed her cat, after feeding him I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and was about to go home when I saw a pink laundry basket.

Alena did not wash her clothes before leaving, the basket was full, suddenly I had a strange desire … On top lay pink panties with a padding, she wore them last before leaving, taking her panties, I decided to smell them. Inhaling this stunning aroma blew my roof off, my dick got up instantly, I stood for about 5 minutes and without stopping sniffing her panties, licking them, then I took pink socks from the basket and began to smell them, the smell was amazing!

I completely undressed, took from the laundry basket pink panties with padding, socks and light green worn thongs and went with it to Alena’s bedroom. Her bed was neatly made, I pulled off the pink blanket and lay down on her, on the table near the bed there was a large framed photo with Alena smiling, I sniffed her pink panties with a pad and looked at the photo, imagining that she was watching me, it turned me on even stronger. I took her light green thong completely into my mouth and began to chew them, then pulled her pink panties over my face, so it was difficult to breathe, I put her sock on my hand and began to masturbate, while I did not take my eyes off her photo on the table. I jerked off quickly and imagined that Alenka was sitting on my face and rubbing her pussy, and I was licking her.

Then I felt that I would soon cum, took off her pink panties from my face, put them on the bed, my dick began to rub against her lining, 10 seconds passed and I started to cum … I never finished like that under a porn video, there was a lot of sperm a lot, I completely filled her pink panties, the sheet was also in my sperm, spitting out her salty thongs, I wanted to lick the sperm from the panties, but then I really didn’t like this taste, I started to wipe off the rest of the sperm with her socks and wet panties that I chewed , neatly made her bed and went to get dressed, before leaving the room, I once again looked at her sweet smiling face in the photo.

When I got dressed, I first wanted to put her underwear back, but then I was scared that Alena would guess when she would arrive and I took everything I was having fun with, taking from the basket a couple more socks and bright orange panties.

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