Alone at home

I will tell you a story about my strange and maybe even perverse hobby. A little about myself, an adult, middle-aged man, no bad habits. He is married and has a son. Everything seems to be fine, but there is one such hobby that no one knows about.

It all started from the moment I ordered a dildo for my wife over the Internet. She was against it, but still I insisted on it and the order was placed. Everything in order to diversify our intimate life. We waited for the order, about three months. “The package should be long-awaited” (c) Russian Post.

And finally, a notification came that the package was received. On the same day, I took it from the post office. Large size, 18×5. Very similar to the real one. Compared to my body, it is much larger, I thought my wife would be happy. On the same day, we did not test it, we hid it in the closet.

The next day when the son fell asleep. We quietly began our intimate game. It all started in a standard way, with ordinary caresses, I caressed her breasts, nipples. Fingers caressed her clitoris, kissed her neck and ears. She was quite aroused, she had a lot of lubrication. First I gave her a little cunnilingus. Then I started fucking her in missionary position, passionately kissing her neck. Five minutes later, I was ready to cum. He stopped abruptly and took out his penis, which caused his wife’s displeased groan. And immediately went into the closet for a new purchase. He put a condom on the dildo and began to inject it into his wife’s pussy. At first, the wife resisted, then she just lay there, as if resigned to what was happening. I barely entered halfway, in places my wife was in pain. He began small frictions at the same time with his mouth caressing the nipples of his wife, which made her start to get excited again. Now she began to sit on the artificial phallus herself, and he had already entered the full length. A minute later, she took me by the hand, with which I held onto our toy and began to forcefully fuck myself with this phallus. She moaned like never before. The phallus was already entering and exiting its entire length. Screaming, she sharply squeezed her legs so that I could no longer move the phallus. It seems to have finished, I could never determine whether she was finishing or not.

A couple of days later, I was not in a hurry to work, I had a couple of free hours in the morning. The son was in the kindergarten, the wife was at work. I was left alone. I turned on porn and began to masturbate when I suddenly remembered that toy. And immediately a wave of new excitement went through the body. He took it from the closet and put it in front of him. Included porn, where a girl gives a blowjob to a man. And he began to lick the phallus first. At the same time, I got so excited and began to eagerly suck the artificial penis. I swallowed in half and at the same time tried not to hurt my teeth, as if I was sucking a real member. Whenever possible, he began to repeat after that girl on the screen. At the same time I jerked off my cock. I was already on the edge, but I didn’t want to end it so quickly. I wanted more.

When I sucked my dick, I experienced a pleasant itch in my ass. Included porn with anal sex. First, I put a condom on the phallus so as not to get it dirty. I sat on the floor, the member was with a suction cup and I attached it to the floor with it. At first I put one finger in my ass. Then the second, while masturbating his penis. I’ve done this before, but now it’s not about that. My hole was ready, and I was already barely breathing with excitement. And so, I began to sit on this member from above. It was too big and there was no lubricant. Even the head could not enter my narrow hole. I began to suck him again and moistened him well with my saliva. Attempt number two, I again began to sit on this huge phallus. This time the head barely entered, while I felt as if an electric shock from pain. I stopped, I was shaking with pain and excitement. I even wanted to take it out, but over time the pain subsided and my lustful desires took over. I began to masturbate my penis and at the same time slightly moving up and down. It was painful, uncomfortable and uncomfortable. But I didn’t stop, the excitement was too great. I again felt warmth in the prostate area and increased my tempo and amplitude a little. I was already ready to cum and I took my hand off my penis and just concentrated my sensations on the area of ​​my ass. The pain did not subside, but it was so pleasant. I touched my nipples and jumped on an artificial penis. I felt how the head of this member was moving in me. Out of the corner of my eye I looked at porn, where the girl from above also rode on the man’s big penis. And I imagined myself as this girl who rides a real dick.

The artificial member was already fully entering me, I was engulfed in a wave of pleasure and warmth that came from the prostate. My cock went limp, but I still enjoyed it. I didn’t want it all to end. But a wave of pleasure and orgasm began to sweep over me. An anal orgasm that I have never experienced before. Gradually and gradually, the wave became stronger. I was already frantically fucking myself with this member, rode it like the last whore. The wave grew gradually, it became difficult to breathe and hold back the screams. I could not control myself, screams began to escape from my lips. This went on for quite a long time, exactly 10 minutes. And I suddenly realized that the peak was already coming. The pace was already crazy and I strained the muscles of the anus, it was even more pleasant. And I began to cum, sperm flowed out of my limp penis, the muscles of the anus began to contract, darkened in my eyes and I almost fainted. My heart was beating wildly and I was shaking all over.

I have never experienced such an orgasm. Maybe, except perhaps comparable to the first time I jerked off my cock for the first time. But the anal orgasm turned out to be much stronger and longer. After this incident, thoughts began to torment me, and am I not gay ?! But at the same time, the peasants do not excite me at all, do not excite me. And I would never sleep with a man. Moreover, at one such thought it becomes sickening. So, you can say that I am definitely not gay.

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