Alpine express. Part 1

They have never traveled by SV carriages before, especially in Switzerland, especially in luxury class. It is a pity that there were no seats in the same compartment, but they still decided to take tickets and then exchange with passengers. Fortunately, the compartments were adjacent and this will not cause much difficulty.

The train was clean, smelling good and cool despite the summer heat. The friendly steward silently opened the doors of her “room”. Inside there were two sleeping places, or rather full-fledged sofas, in the corner there were two leather armchairs, a lacquered table made of expensive wood with a fresh Switzerland Rewiew number. She opened the minibar door. Chocolate, cognacs and various incomprehensible packets with inscriptions in Swiss and French were neatly arranged on the shelves with European pedantry.

“Does Madame want anything?” The steward asked in French, then Swiss, then English.

  • Yes, please, coffee. She answered, feeling uncomfortable in all this luxury and thinking, rather, Zurich, where the missing passengers should sit in their compartment and it would be possible to agree on an exchange.
  • Madame would like a Swiss coffee with cognac?

She agreed. In the end, time will fly by faster. They are tired as hell. It was the second week of my husband’s internship. After a long day, again moving to a new plant to exchange experiences. I wanted the passengers to sit down until nightfall and sleep.

The steward brought coffee, water and brandy. On a tray, coffee beans were also scattered for serving and a tiny cake the size of a box of matches was served. In her presence, he opened a bottle and added cognac to coffee.

She took a few sips and felt a little more fun. She continued to explore her compartment, deciding to get comfortable right away while she could. She pushed open the cabinet doors and gasped. It turned out to be the entrance to my own bathroom. Quite spacious. The bathtub was lined with tiles or its imitation, the windows were made of colored mosaic, the toilet, the bidet, the sink – everything seemed to be made of porcelain. She turned on the tap. There was both hot and cold water. Thick terry towels with the coats of arms of Switzerland were adorned with elaborate towel warmers. She threw the towels for her feet on the floor, undressed and decided to go to the bath, so that 30 minutes would fly by quickly to Zurich. She poured herself another brandy in coffee and plunged into the warm water. Nice cars, the pitching was not felt at all. Apparently there will be no problems with motion sickness, which she feared, agreeing to this trip. It seemed that you were in an expensive hotel room.

Suddenly it dawned on her that someone was trying to reach her in the compartment. She quickly got out of the shower and opened the door. It turns out they have been at the station in Zurich for five minutes already.

  • Sunny, I have some kind of stupid German. Doesn’t understand what I want from him. I’ll try to talk to him tomorrow, maybe we’ll be friends by that time and he won’t bother about the exchange. Who do you have?
  • I have not yet approached. It’s good that you woke me up. I think I fell asleep in the bathroom.
  • Okay, I’ll go to sleep for now, I have no strength. We’ll deal with them tomorrow. He kissed her on the lips, touched her inner thighs through the robe and closed the door.

She poured more coffee and unwrapped one of the outlandish minibar packs. It tasted like candy.

  • Mау I come in, lаdу? A man of mature age appeared at the door, in a suit, well-groomed, fit, strong muscles were guessed through the suit. A typical prince of Monaco – she immediately christened him with this nickname.
  • Yes, she answered in Russian, bewildered, come in.
  • Oh, are you Russian? The “Prince of Monaco” was delighted! My name is Anton, although everyone has long called Elton. I have lived here for a long time, I run an alpine resort for the rich, he explained, as if apologizing for his good job, and for the suit, and for the train.

He began to lay things out endlessly chatting, delighted with the unexpected compatriot. She responded reluctantly, looking closely at the stranger. “Adult” (as she defined men older and stronger than her influence), strong-willed, obviously wealthy, respectable. Surprisingly, even the Russians, getting to Europe, begin to take care of themselves and even at this age look great. The man changed into a simple cotton shirt and she noted strong arms, strong abs and involuntarily dropped her eyes lower. Thin Australian cotton trousers showed the contours of a large adult man. She blushed and looked away.

  • How do you look to drink some cognac? I always do this on the road. I hate these trains, I prefer a corporate jet, but it’s in Hamburg now.

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