Alpine express. Part 2

To ease the unexpected confusion a little, she decided that a little cognac wouldn’t hurt. Gradually the cognac and pleasant atmosphere did their job. They got to talking and by midnight he had already begun to show her the differences between Argentine tango and Spanish, having found music in the player.

  • No no, stand up. Take my hand. Yes, not so, – he commanded, – more and more infuriated, wanting to impress the young companion. To some extent, he succeeded. She obeyed him more and more, wondering at herself. – and once or twice, now you have to arch your back with the inner side of your thighs, clasping my leg.

Unable to bear the complex figure, they fell into a chair and laughed merrily. Her already short skirt was lifted to the level of her panties, she was breathing quickly after the exercise and alcohol. His face was against her lips, her thighs still wrapped around his leg on both sides.

She looked defiantly into his eyes. But she could not help herself, she clearly felt with her thigh how his hefty penis was swelling, pouring hot heat down her legs. This uncomfortable situation and the closeness of a young female body aroused him. It made her both scared and flattering that such an adult and strong man wanted her. She began to gently push him away, spread her legs so that he could get up and move away from her.

But the man, feeling her, was in no hurry to retreat. On the contrary, his hands quickly ran through her hair, neck, he ran his finger over her lips. She reluctantly tried to push him away, but his hands were already caressing her thighs under the dress. He deftly pushed aside the thin fabric of wet panties and began to caress her there, gently penetrating his strong man’s fingers deeper, depriving her of howl and mobility.

“Well, don’t, we’re completely unfamiliar,” she carefully pressed against his chest and legs, so that he moved away. Finally he gave in. For some reason she felt annoyed that he had given up so easily. They chatted a little more, she allowed him to sit next to him as a sign of reconciliation. He casually touched her knee, shoulder and arms at every opportunity. It got very late.

The man went to the shower, but she quickly turned off the light and pretended to be asleep, facing the wall. This little adventure inflamed her imagination, her lower abdomen became heavy. With what pleasure she would now sit on her husband’s penis. She wanted to go into his compartment and let him take her from behind, immediately and to the full depth strung on his trunk. She almost cried with desire and frustration.

Meanwhile the man got out of the bath, laid out some things and lay down.

  • Are you sleeping?
  • No, why did she answer, revealing her dramatization of deep sleep.

He got up and walked over to her. She was dumbfounded from surprise and could not move. He stroked her hair, breasts, persistently parted her legs and, like the owner, touched her there, then gently pushed her panties back and began to caress both of her holes, becoming more and more heated. Finally he stopped for a second. She took a breath, thinking that he would not take her by force. She surreptitiously turned around and right in front of her saw his heavy dignity filled with sinful weight and the base of a strong member as thick as her wrist. It turns out that the pause was caused only by his desire to take off his clothes. He again ran his hand over her thigh and putting his other hand gently confidently tore her panties at the waist and not letting her recover, pulled the remnants of her underwear to her knees.

She cried out in surprise, feeling that he was trying to enter her from behind. Obviously, the size of his penis was much more than her capabilities, but in spite of this he continued to insistently insert her, almost tearing her tender flesh. She felt him go deeper and deeper. Tears flowed from her, she was afraid to scream and suddenly finished under his onslaught.

Having received an orgasm, she relaxed a little. He began to confidently hammer her weakened body, wanting to cum inside her. She managed to want again, but she regretfully felt how he pulsed in her and began to violently finish. He pulled out a member and flooded her legs. Then, without a pause, he inserted it into her usual place and everything started anew. She had to slightly spread her legs, because otherwise his penis with its size gave her discomfort. She tried to completely relax and even began to move a little in time with his cock. They did not utter a word, but their lips met at times in a kiss, which was more like a greedy nibble.

Finally, he abruptly pulled out his cock, stood up and lifted her against the leather back of the sofa. He gently took her by the neck and directed her lips to his poured head. She took it in her mouth, unable to resist. It was huge. She took it from below. They were heavy and cool, his male trunk had only grown stronger over the years, was all in veins and with a large head that could hardly fit into her small mouth.

She was ashamed, because a loving husband was waiting for her behind the thin wall of the compartment. But she could not stop, her whole body burned with desire and from every touch of this strange man she burned with shame and passion. She again began to finish under him, with her whole body, all in someone else’s sperm, with a rubbed crotch, shackled by his strong hands.

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