Anal invasion. Part 1

My first girlfriend was not distinguished by outstanding appearance, but it was difficult to call her ugly either. In a body, with a neat second size chest, slightly full hips and buttocks, with light brown hair and large marsh-colored eyes, she could equally remain unnoticed in the crowd and attract all the attention in the male company.

I met her at the beginning of my rather boring student life and she showed me the world of the amazing capabilities of my body: sitting in a hostel until the morning, 3 liters of weak alcohol per person, attempts to get to the lecture hall from an unreal drinking – I think many will recognize themselves and they will plunge into the world of student experiences with nostalgia. But this is not my story.

I also lost my virginity thanks to her. It happened in her apartment early in the morning, when her parents had already left for work, and we simply missed a lecture on philosophy, which, in our opinion, was absolutely unnecessary for future economists. How can you hear about the influence of Kant’s works, when you can selflessly indulge in amorous pleasures?

That morning I walked to her multi-storey building on slightly wadded legs and skimmed through the possible scenarios in my head. By the age of 18, I had already reviewed terabytes of pirated porn and knew perfectly well what the girls look like “there” and what to do when they are in the same bed with a creature of the opposite sex. Because of my modest nature, I never enjoyed much success with girls at school, and I spent all summer holidays either at home behind a laptop screen or in the company of friends who were just as “successful” in the field of love.

In my pocket was a pack of condoms, in my hand was a modest bouquet of flowers bought in a 24-hour flower shop at the nearest stop – in short, I was prepared as a scout before being thrown into the rear of the enemy. Already on the way to the apartment, a strange feeling of peace came over me – there was no turning back and in some 60 minutes I would become a man.

She opened the door and I breathed out in frustration. I thought that I would see in front of me a girl dressed in a luxurious peignoir, ready to immediately throw off her clothes and surrender to love, but my future lover stood in the doorway in an ordinary white T-shirt, under which I clearly could see a bra with foam rubber cups, thin sweatpants, tight her thighs and thin pink socks. In general, such an ordinary girl and not even say that she was going to sleep with me.

I handed her flowers and began to undress. We spent half an hour in the kitchen having a meaningless conversation over a cup of tea. This time my favorite drink seemed completely tasteless and I could not understand what we were waiting for. Finally she got up and led me to her room. It was a relatively small, but very bright room, located in the corner of the building and therefore had an unusual pentagonal shape. On the wall were posters of famous rock bands, on the sides were a wardrobe and a table with a computer, and right next to the window was a large bed, which was clearly not designed for one person. She stood in the middle of the room and slowly turned towards me. My heart sank somewhere in my throat, my palms got wet, and real chaos reigned in my head. She smiled and I suddenly relaxed. Twilight reigned in the room, so I clearly saw her eyes only when she came close to me. Our lips merged in a kiss and I gave her the opportunity to lead the whole action. She took off my T-shirt and looked at me questioningly. Realizing quickly what was required of me, I did the same to her and resolutely began to take off my jeans. She smiled and, after waiting for me to remain in my underpants, with a dexterous movement laid me on the bed. Deftly getting rid of her home panties, she sat on top of me and, I must say, her underwear looked very charming. White and lace trimmed around the edges, it felt like it was meant for these moments. Slowly passing her palms from the lower abdomen to my chest, she lay down on me and we began to kiss again. My hands felt the clasp on her back and at the same moment the straps of her bra fell from her shoulders. I clasped small breasts that fit completely in my hands. Hard polka dots of nipples rested in the middle of my palm when I squeezed the girl’s breasts especially hard, getting used to the new tactile sensations. I slowly extended my right hand down to the place where our genitals, still covered with tissue, were in close contact. She stood up, putting her hand under her, and I felt the heat radiating from her crotch. Having folded back the fabric of the panties, I carefully dipped my index finger into the space between the sex lips, which easily slid to the full length along the walls, which were slippery with grease.

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