Anal invasion. Part 2

My girlfriend was no longer a girl.

Refraining from unnecessary questions (at least for now), I resolutely threw it off myself. Now she was on her shoulder blades, and I settled down between her legs, quickly pulling off her panties. She squeaked and tried to hide behind her hands, but I took them away from the desired mink and quickly pressed my lips to it. The incredible aroma of female secretions hit my nose and I literally sucked in my mouth a small pea protruding above the skin fold. Clitoris, I thought, and ran my lips up and down my shaved pussy, causing myself a sudden burst of inspiration. With my left hand, I pressed the girl to the sofa, although she no longer tried to slip out from under me, and I inserted my index and middle fingers into the vagina, complementing the forward movements with irregular movements of the tongue. Women’s juices, slightly salty, with the smell of nutmeg, just drove me crazy and I realized with horror that I was about to cum. Another second and I was covered with an incomparable sensation of orgasm, but several times stronger than what I experienced while masturbating at the computer. It became incredibly wet in my panties, but I didn’t show it, although at the moment of the highest bliss I almost bit the girl’s clitoris, which caused a slight cry.

I carefully removed my left hand, which I had still pressed against her stomach, and carefully pulled off my panties, continuing to massage the clitoris and rub the inner wall of the vagina. There I felt some kind of unevenness, when pressed on which the girl’s breathing intensified and she began to wave at me. I wiped off the remaining semen from my penis and threw my panties aside. Taking my head away from my crotch, I looked at the fighter, noticing with satisfaction that he did not even think to fall from overexcitation. “It’s time,” I decided, and lay down with my whole body on the girl. The girl understood what I was planning and did not oppose my actions. Spreading her legs wider, she put her arm around my shoulders, and I began to poke a member between her legs. To my shame, it was not possible to find the hole right away, so after a few seconds the female hands gently took the initiative into their own hands, and in the literal sense of the word. The moment of immersion in it gave me a feeling … A very strange feeling. At that point, I learned that there is a direct relationship between the width of the pelvis and the narrowness of the vagina. My instrument was not very large, so I had a rather poor feel for the walls around me. Luckily, the girl below me quickly understood my confusion and tightened the muscles around my cock, making me gasp in surprise. Now I felt all the beauty of the female gut. Hot, elastic, damp and very slippery, it just made me move within itself, constantly increasing the pace. Already I forcefully drive the penis into the vagina, feeling the scrotum beating against the ass under me. The girl looked at me and smiled at something, but the muscles of my face seemed to be cramping, as if I was doing some very hard work. She could not constantly keep the muscles tightened, and after a while I again ceased to fully feel in a woman, but by that moment I was already excited by the mere thought that I was having sex. Thanks to the recent ejaculation, I lasted a surprisingly long time – almost a minute, after which her vagina began to choke with my semen, which was a lot. I fell on her and breathing hard and fast. She hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear:

  • Thank you, you’re just lovely …
    • • •
    Snow fell in soft flakes on my face and I, like a small child, stood and caught individual snowflakes with my mouth. Suddenly, a rather heavy snowball hit my head, and there was loud laughter behind me. She stood in a light down jacket, without a hat and in woolen mittens with an uncomplicated pattern, with which she was already sculpting a new shell. I ran behind the nearest snowdrift and prepared to fight a snowy battle. Our battle quickly turned into a comic hand-to-hand, and now we are already lying in the snow, holding hands and looking into the gray sky, from which hundreds, thousands of identical at first glance and absolutely unique snowflakes fell. Our silence was interrupted by the cry of an old woman who came out of the entrance:
  • Oohlamony, why lay down, catch a cold!

She turned her head at me and smacked her nose with a smile on her face, then jumped up and ran to her entrance.

No one was at home. Her parents left for the weekend to stay with relatives in Krasnodar and nothing could interfere with our selfless fun. The session was successfully closed and we decided to spend at least a day dedicating them to each other. Several romantic comedies, one horror movie and even some kind of melodrama – we just enjoyed each other’s company until it was completely dark outside the window.

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