Anal invasion. Part 3

Towards midnight we went to her room under the pretext that it was time to go to bed, although both of them knew perfectly well that we would not be able to sleep for at least another two hours. She put on a nightie to give at least the semblance of good intentions and looked at me with feigned indignation as I reached for her for a kiss. However, a second later, her arms wrapped around my neck and were definitely not going to let me go. I put it on me and pulled off my clothes, gladly noticing that she was already without panties. I myself could not pull off the remnants of my clothes, so she dived under the blanket and, turning her back to me, deprived me of this absolutely unnecessary item in this case. In the dark, I noticed how the human silhouette under the blanket had shrunk and felt the touch of his lips on his male organ. She did not do blowjob very skillfully, but the very fact of this action gave me pleasure. Her ass was on my chest and I pulled her hands to my face, immersing my tongue in a woman’s pussy. She went crazy from my cunnilingus, surprised to find that she gets almost more pleasure from him than from sex. This activity also brought me a lot of joy, which I took advantage of. For many, the simultaneous satisfaction of partners with each other remains a rather difficult occupation due to the inability to focus on their feelings and feelings of a partner, so I was very happy about the opportunity to orally please a friend in this position.

Her mouth moved tirelessly along my penis, and her tongue intensified the pleasant sensations, especially when it slightly tickled the bare head. With her hand she squeezed the testicles, slightly pulling them to the side, which led me into wild ecstasy. At times, with a quick movement, she plunged the penis into her mouth to its full length and it touched the wall of the pharynx, while it turned out to be tightly pressed against the palate, as if it were in an orgasmic vagina. At the same time, I ran my tongue along the velvety surface of the genital lips, which swelling became twice as large and opened, exposing the pink surface of the vulva. I buried my nose in the hole and moved my face from side to side, expanding the entrance inward, after which I inserted two fingers inside and began to thrust the female body onto them. Due to the discrepancy between the thickness of the fingers and the entrance to the vagina, the girl quickly began to wave her pelvis at me, enjoying the feeling of fullness in the lower body. At the same time, a bold thought struck me.

My girlfriend always had a huge amount of lubricant, which I honestly collected with my tongue during oral pleasures. Having dipped one finger into a small pool of slimy liquid, which by that time had managed to collect inside her cave, I carefully began to massage the ring of the anus, which was still looming in front of me idle. The girl did not pay any attention to me until I began to screw him in with screwing movements. Restlessly stirring, she tried to push her ass aside, but I, firmly fixing the body in front of me, continued the fascinating experiment. At some point, there was not enough lubrication on the finger, but having overcome the outer ring of the sphincter, I began to pass inward due to the internal moisture. The muscles created an incredible tightness around my finger, which I had never felt in my life. What a thrill it would be if she allowed me to enter her from this side! Dreaming, I did not notice how I overcame the area, which consisted of solid muscle fibers, and fell into the abyss. Putting my finger all the way in, I wiggled it inside, feeling the intestinal wall. Having straightened it, I could not find the front wall and decided to expand the ring by pushing the second finger inside. Soaking my middle finger in the grease, I started the whole procedure over. The girl, frozen in anticipation of when I take out the first finger, did not expect that her ass would undergo a second invasion and tried to get up abruptly, but again failed.

  • Stop! Enough! What are you doing?

Instead of answering, I kissed her on the right buttock and pressed her tightly to the bed for confidence. She had already stopped giving me a blow job and, realizing all the futility of her attempts to escape, laid her chest on my stomach. I hardly inserted the second finger into the rectum, forgetting about the delicacy, which she later reminded me of, but at that moment all my attention was concentrated on a limited area of ​​the female body.

Two fingers barely fit inside. Slightly moving them inside, I tried to gently part them in order to stretch the sphincter a little and prepare it for subsequent tests, but the girl only squeezed it with force, pressing her fingers tightly to each other. After lying down like this for half a minute, I finally pulled them out of the female priest and immediately faced the girl’s furious gaze.

  • What the fuck are you doing? She asked fiercely.
  • Baby, I want you there – I answered, pointing my finger at her ass.

“Never,” she snapped and tried to get up.

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