Anal invasion. Part 4

I caught her and tried to lay her on her stomach. At first it seemed to me that I had achieved success, but at the moment when my penis was already heading to the desired point, she deftly rolled over onto her stomach and my penis fell into the helpfully substituted vagina.

I fell into the cave and, by inertia, made a few jerks. By that time, the idea of ​​anal sex had captured me completely and irrevocably, so I came up with a cunning plan. Pretending that the girl completely absorbed me, I lay down on her and started kissing, not forgetting to actively move my pelvis. Suddenly I pushed away from her and turned abruptly, dropping my stomach on the pillow, which I had put next to me a second earlier. Her appetizing ass was on a dais right in front of me and I, quickly spreading my buttocks, sent my penis, abundantly lubricated by female secretions, into the anus ring. The head was bare and, in general, the sensations from overcoming a super-tight obstacle were not the most pleasant, but I tried to move my pelvis back and forth, allowing myself and the girl to get used to new sensations. To my surprise, the girl stopped struggling and just lay on the bed, breathing deeply and pressing her face into the loose pillow. Gradually, the head of the penis passed the narrowest space and fell into the intestines, while the sphincter tightly grabbed the shaft of the penis, delivering incomparable pleasure. I didn’t feel anything like that during normal sex. Gently plunging inward for two-thirds of the length of the penis, I gently lay down on the girl and whispered in her ear:

  • How are you?

She nodded her head weakly, asking for a couple of seconds to get used to the new sensations. I took out a member and, dipping it into the vagina, pushed it back into the ass, glad that this time … this time this process did not require such significant efforts. The girl put her hands on her ass and spread the rounded buns to the sides, allowing me to move freely inside of me. Overall, it felt like the same sex as a couple of minutes earlier, if not for the amazing tightness literally flattening my cock. There was a little lack of lubrication, so I got out of it from time to time so as not to damage the mucous membrane. At some point, she got tired of it and she took out a tube with some kind of fragrant cream. Having liberally lubricated my penis and her ass, she put me on my back and took a position on top, moving at the speed that gave her the greatest comfort. My penis was captured by a tight female body, warm and soft tissues literally enveloped me and insisted that I finish as soon as possible. A tight muscle trap squeezed me, as if milking every last drop.

After a violent orgasm (it even seemed to me that I lost consciousness), the girl got up and ran to the bathroom. She was gone for a long time and I decided to make sure that everything was fine with her. She stood in front of the mirror, trying to make out the hole where I had just put all my love. It looked a little sore, but generally did not change significantly. The girl gave me a resounding slap on the head and with the words “I will take revenge on you again” went to her room.

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