Anal sex in the hayloft. Part 1

This story is about how I taught my wife to anal sex. Our sexual relationship developed quite normally. My wife is not a prude and her sexual development process was going well. Already in the first year of our life together, we tried all sexual positions. My wife really liked the pose – standing on all fours. Pretty soon I taught her to caress a member. Don’t just suck, but apply all sorts of techniques. We got a little stuck on sperm swallowing. At first I just finished on my wife’s chest. She smeared cum all over her body and licked her fingers. Then I began to cum on her face. Then the seed itself fell on the wife’s lips and she licked it. When my wife got used to the taste of sperm, then I began to lower it into her mouth.

In general, everything was fine. Later, I introduced some innovations in the sexual act. Now, sometimes I take my cock out of my wife’s vagina and insert it into her mouth. I let her lick it well, and then again plunge into the vagina. Literally a year later, the blowjob began to excite not only me, but also my wife. Now, when she gives me a blowjob, she also has time to fondle herself. In general, we end up with her alone.

And then we “stumbled” on anal sex. In pornography, it is common for men to fuck women in the anus. This question interested me too. I began to look in the literature for information about this type of sex. When there was enough information, I invited my wife to try, but she suddenly refused me quite sharply. I had to carry out quite complex processing. The wife seemed to agree, only she was afraid that she would be hurt. In general, the result of my processing was zero. But, as always, chance helped.

Since fucking my wife in the ass became my fix idea, I was always fully armed. I always had a cream for anal sex with me. It contains a special composition with an anesthetic. During sex, especially in the knee-elbow position, I often inserted one finger into my wife’s anus and moved it in unison with the penis. From her reaction, I knew that she liked it.

One summer my wife and I were resting with my mother-in-law in the village. There was always an afternoon nap after dinner, which we used in our own way. Falling into the hayloft, we indulged in love pleasures in full. During sex, I would often insert my finger into my spouse’s anus again. Sometimes I just caressed her clitoris with my tongue and moved my index finger in the ass. My wife is already beginning to like this kind of caress and, therefore, I decided that the deprivation of her virginity in the ass would happen in the hayloft. I brought the cream there beforehand.

And this time we tumbled into the hayloft and, undressing, began to caress each other. First, we caressed each other in turn, and then lay in the pose “69”. My wife was so carried away by my penis that she did not notice at all that I temporarily looked up from her crotch and took out a tube of cream. He was warm from the heat of the last few days. After squeezing out some cream, I first spread it over the ring of the anus. Then, squeezing out a little more, gently inserted his finger into the anus and began to smear the cream inside. To prevent my wife from noticing my manipulations, I again began to lick her clitoris. The cream was quite greasy and soon the whole anus was slippery.

The index finger went inside easily. To increase the sphincter stretch, I replaced my index finger with my thumb. Soon he began to enter freely. Now, having squeezed out the cream on the index and middle fingers, I began to press them into the anus. The fingers slowly, but easily enough, went inside the wife’s ass. She moaned softly, but continued to caress her cock. There was enough cream in the ass now. Both fingers slid easily inside. The anus ring squeezed them tightly and gently.

I removed my fingers from my wife’s ass and, putting her cancer, entered the vagina. Then our usual intercourse began. The wife screamed and moaned. We are already accustomed to the mother-in-law not paying any attention to us. Once she even said: “Do, give me grandchildren. Your hayloft is undivided. ” I wielded a member in the vagina with might and main, further stimulating my wife with my finger on the clitoris. She is well excited for me and, soon, finished with a cry and a groan.

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