Anal sex in the hayloft. Part 2

Now it’s my turn. I made several smooth movements of the penis in the vagina, soothing him. Then he took it out of the vagina and began to move the head up and down. She slid from clitoris to anus and back. The wife moaned softly and moved her hips slightly. Gradually, I began to stop the penis on the anus for more time and, having waited for the moment, generally stopped him on it. Taking a good fit, I pressed my head against the sphincter. At first she did not want to get through, but the anus ring was well lubricated and the member reluctantly began to enter inside.

The wife moaned louder and sagged in the lower back. She showed no obvious signs of displeasure. I continued to dive and the head of my penis penetrated inside completely. Now I stopped and let my wife get used to the cock in the ass. Putting my hand under her thighs, I began to gently rub her clitoris and labia. The wife moaned approvingly and moved her ass to meet me. I took this as a signal for action and continued the dive. Millimeter by millimeter, I moved deeper, until the member was completely immersed in the ass.

I again took a break and examined the field of action. The wife was on all fours, legs spread wide, her back was arched, and beads of sweat appeared on her lower back. Taking her hips, I began to slowly take out a member. When the head rested against the sphincter from the inside, I stopped and plunged my penis back again. Continuing to make such movements, I kept increasing their pace. Pretty soon, the penis went in the wife’s ass with the same frequency as in the vagina. Now I have slightly reduced the amplitude of walking of the penis and increased the strength of the thrusts.

The wife was now moaning and howling. Every time I dived, moans, groans, and even growls escaped her throat. Her excitement grew rather quickly. My hands caressed her clitoris and labia. Having folded two fingers with a screw, I happily dipped them into the vagina. It flowed like a tap. Through a thin septum, I felt my penis walking in the intestine. He did not disregard the nipples of the breasts. With the fingers of my other hand, I crumpled them and even pulled them down.

Finally, the wife screamed sharply and finished. The anus tightly squeezed my cock in jerks. My fingers in the vagina were also squeezing pretty hard. When the wave of orgasm subsided, the wife was generally exhausted and fell down on her chest on the hay. Placing her more comfortably on the hay, I put the folded blanket under her thighs and continued my movements. Now, with every thrust, my penis went deep into the anus. The member swelled and became like a stone. After making a few more thrusts, I drove my penis with force to full length and began to cum. I thought that the sperm would never end, as there was a lot of it. When I finished pouring out, I carefully pulled a member out of my wife’s ass and fell down next to the hay.

When my wife came to, she kissed me and said that now we will always have anal sex. For another week we stretched her ass. Every time she got violent orgasms, and I was completely satisfied. Now the width of the wife’s anus is such that I just lubricate it with saliva and drive a member inside. We have anal sex during my wife’s critical days. Several times, during sex, I alternately inserted a member into the vagina, then into the anus. My wife also liked this reception. In general, harmony has come again.

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