Anal triangle. Part 1

Mashenka Tsekovich is a small girl, she has a friendly round face and huge cornflower blue eyes. Despite the fragile physique, she has large breasts, reminiscent of large juiced fruits. They are soft and elastic at the same time; rounded, and at the same time boldly sticking up bright brown cherry nipples.

Mashenka lies in the bed of her friend, the artist Vadim. He is her exact opposite. A lanky, thin guy with ribs protruding from under the dark skin. Sandy-yellow strands of Mashenka’s hair are intertwined with Vadim’s bluish-black curls. Masha is also an artist. They study together at an art school. Both lie naked in the middle of Vadim’s wide bed and look at the album.

  • No, look how he portrayed her look! – Mashenka exclaimed, pointing to the illustration in the book.

Lying on their stomachs side by side, Vadim and Masha looked at a luxurious album by a contemporary Dutch artist.

“Nothing special,” her friend snorted. “You know I like the Impressionists better.

They were making love half an hour ago. Mashenka was kneeling on the carpet in front of the chair, tightly clutching the white phalanges of her fingers on the seat cushion, biting the corner of the same cushion so as not to scream, while Vadim slowly introduced his long and thick penis, shiny from Vaseline, into her anus. After a few seconds, he had already widened her opening, stretched her pliable sphincter, habitual for anal sex, and began to carefully perform frictions, increasing the piston stroke, until his movements acquired complete freedom.

His long, thin, hairy legs were bent so that he almost squatted, making forward movements with his pelvis back and forth, up and down, introducing a long, curved, like a tightly drawn bow, swollen member into a soft, elasticly stretched ring.

Their height difference is almost caricature. When Vadim and Masha stand side by side, her eyes are almost at the level of his belt. Stooped and skinny Vadim is more than two meters tall, and Mashenka is almost half a meter lower than him. Even at rest, his penis is longer than Machine’s arm from fingertips to elbow. When he penetrates into her anus, Mashenka feels as if impaled.

But the unpleasant pain quickly disappears, the girl easily adapts even to a very large penis in the rectal passage, and an unearthly feeling of the highest bliss comes when a huge and well-lubricated penis glides smoothly in and out, again in and out, irritating the most sensitive nerve endings of her anus …

“And yet, no one could convey such an expression in the eyes correctly,” Mashenka continues to say, ignoring his grin.

  • Look at any of Monet’s works, you will quickly change your mind.
  • You know, Vadik, it’s all at the level of psychology! If you want to see something in an impressionist piece, you will see it. And here, you don’t need to have either the appropriate mood or special training … Any passer-by from the street will understand the artist’s idea!

Masha speaks assertively, confidently, slightly shaking her head in time to her statements.

Vadim leaned back on his back, closed his eyes with his palm.

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