Anal triangle. Part 3

  • Why ask … The second time is always more pleasant for me, – Mashenka breathed out hotly, fidgeting a little with excitement on a long, bony body stretched out under her. Somewhere at the level of her small knees, a little higher, the hot pulsation of his swelling cock was already felt.

Lanky Vadim was lying on his back in the middle of the bed, holding on himself a girl as tiny as Thumbelina. His shaggy legs dangled from the bed, clearly not adapted for basketball players.

With a gentle movement, he turned Mashenka over to face his raised penis and, clasping her with muscular arms around her fragile waist, sat down a little, so that her face was in close proximity to his gigantic erection.

Masha immediately grabbed hold of his giant penis with both hands and tried to squeeze a large, like an apple, purple head into her small mouth. To refusal, open jaws and tightly stretched lips around his penis clearly spoke of the difficulty with which she managed to take his head into her mouth. At the same time, she felt the rough tongue of her fellow student lick the entire length of the oozing cleft between the swollen labia.

They sucked and licked each other’s most sensitive areas for a while. Vadim massaged the open flower of her anus with two fingers brought together.

Finally, he turned her back to face him, threw her smooth legs over his shoulders, passing his hands under them and, hugging her round, like a globe, ass, began to carefully push the hole of the anal sphincter onto the disproportionately large knob of the penis, now wet and shiny from the Saliva Machine.

  • A-ah, – Mashenka groaned again, taking into her insides a huge male phallus.

She tried to loosen the anal muscle even more, straining like in a toilet. There was a loud obscene sound from the air expelled from her slippery interior, but no one laughed. In the silence of the room, only their hoarse breaths were heard, broken with excitement.

She sank down to the full length of his formidable weapon, touching the velvety skin of the buttocks of his full scrotum, which lay like a wrinkled and hairy purse on his thighs.

Vadim began to gradually raise and lower her, but she had already managed to shrink after their first act, and his penis with great difficulty overcame the resistance of the hot tightness of her anal canal.

With great precautions, he took the girl off his tense penis, smeared Vaseline on her gaping sphincter, abundantly covered his thick phallus, like a flagstaff, and again began to thrust Mashenka onto himself.

Now it became much easier for them, and soon his shiny erect penis was powerfully circling the shuttle in her anus.

Slimy loud sounds accompanied their anal intercourse, embarrassing the flushed Masha, but at the same time, even more exciting her partner.

“Chwak – chwak – chwak,” was heard in the room against the background of their rapid breathing.

Masha moaned weakly, her small, almost childish fingers flashed over her sore clitoris, describing small circles around it. A series of almost incessant orgasms shook her body, she no longer understood anything, limply shaking her head in different directions, tickling her lover’s unshaven face with her loose hair.

  • A-a-a-a, – Vadim wheezed.

His thick penis seemed to expand even more and began to jerk convulsively to throw a viscous whitish liquid into the irritated depths of Masha’s intestines.

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