Anal triangle. Part 4

He fell on his back, shaking in a powerful orgasm, not for a minute releasing a tender girlish body from his rough hands.

Masha buried her sweaty face in his neck, she was breathing heavily, her insides were seething with unprecedented sensations.

Little by little they calmed down, their breathing evened out.

His penis went limp and the Mashin sphincter almost reflexively pushed him out …

An hour later she went home, taking the Dutchman’s album with her.

  • * * – And how do you find her look? – Masha asked.

She was lying next to Ilya Denisov, and they looked at the reproductions in the album.

A few minutes ago, he poured an unimaginable amount of sperm into her anal passage, she was afraid to get the sheet dirty, so they both lay on their stomachs, feeling pleasant relaxation after intense sex.

  • I would say that there is a little overkill with this grin, but overall the impression is the most pleasant.

“It seems to me that Monet still better conveys the psychology of relationships,” Masha said.

  • And what about Monet ?! Only Vadim is obsessed with him – he walks everywhere and only does what he says: “Monet, Monet.”

He stared suspiciously at her face, but stumbled upon the serene blue depth of her gaze and averted his eyes.

  • Why are you doing this, Ilyusha, you know, except you I have no one!

In response, he silently pressed her fair head to him, inhaling the intoxicating scent of her loose, long hair …

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