I work as a driver and I love extreme sports, when the car is thrown and you are in a panic, but you make the right decision, your back is raw, your nerves are at the limit, but I like it.

And if you add to this that I translate people, it’s good that the authorities don’t know. I just want to grab adrenaline in life, there is no money for the Alps and Courchevel. But the story is not about that.

In 2009, in May, my wife and I have an anniversary, 11 years since we met. I would like to note, to be remembered, we are beginner swingers and therefore I am calling my friends – swingers, Sasha and Lena.

We agreed on Saturday evening. I wait for the evening, I look at my watch, I bought some wine, I am ready to relax to the fullest. They took his wife on the boulevard, drove for Lena and drove off into nature.

The weather is good and Sasha doesn’t want to go to the apartment. We wandered through the fields for a long time and finally found a place near a swampy section of the river, near the Arban. You can’t reach the water with all your desire. They laid it out on the table, there is nothing to wash the fruit, my wine, red and delicious.

We talk about meetings with couples, ask where they met, talk about ourselves, in short, fill in the gaps in our friendship. Moshkar reaches into the eyes, we make a fire. We eat, drink, it is good to relax in nature.

Sasha hugged Nadezhda and his hands make their way under the blouse, are fixed on the breasts and after a moment they begin to wrinkle them. I am a shy person by nature, but seeing such actions, I crawl under Lena’s sweater with my hands. I grope for small breasts, nipples are standing, my hands continue to move down to the coveted triangle, but I get my hands on it. Lena says you can’t today.

Warming her breasts with my hands and drinking wine, I head to the toilet, into the bushes that are nearby. Having done my business, I return to the table. Nadezhda and Sasha went into the car to have fun, Lena disappeared into the bushes in the opposite direction.

I stand and think where to go. I won the option to go to the car, but for my conscience, I went into the bushes and called Lena, did not respond, maybe it carried, I thought and climbed into the car.

The car is an SUV, a spacious Honda. I climb into the back seat. A pleasant picture opens up – Nadezhda is lying in the front passenger seat, her blouse is removed, her bra is hanging on the back. Jeans with panties pulled down to the knees. Sasha is on top, caresses her breasts with her hands, his pants are lowered in advance. His thick cock gently penetrates Nadia’s vagina.

The position is conducive to deep penetration and my wife moans loudly when the member enters completely. I assess the situation and make the right decision, unbutton my jeans and put my penis in my wife’s mouth. She excitedly sucks my cock, moving her hips towards the thick phallus. Sasha fucks measuredly and making deep thrusts, enjoys the process, accelerating and slowing down, when orgasm approaches, as can be seen on his face, he stops, and after waiting, continues to measuredly fuck Nadezhda.

I can’t do that, and I, taking out a member from my wife’s mouth, finish about five minutes later in a glass, the wine was drunk from it and he was lying alone on the seat.

I get out of the car so as not to interfere. I go into the bushes, shout to Lena, does not come out.

It’s dark and nothing is visible, the fire is out, the midges are not visible. I knock over a glass of wine. The car door opens, and I see Sasha, he takes out a member from the vagina and Nadezhda jerks him off with her hands. Gasping, he ends up on her tummy.

There is a lot of sperm and it fills the entire navel. Moving a member over my wife’s tummy, zips up his fly and gets out of the car.

After a while Lena comes out of the bushes and nothing, without saying, get into the car.

The way back through the fields seemed to us faster and now, we are at home, we promise to call, they say that they will also call, we say goodbye.

Our friends never called us again, and they didn’t pick up the phone either. The friendship is over.

New adventures awaited us and we did not despair, there will be new friends.

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