At the birthday party

The already small company had completely dissolved by midnight and 4 people remained. Two girls and me with a friend who actually had a birthday. In fact, the whole company consisted of six people, but it so happened that two had to leave.

It is difficult to reconstruct the further course of events, we sat, talked and drank champagne. At some point, a friend started kissing one of the girls, and I hugged Dasha. I must say that Dasha and I were classmates until the fifth grade, until I was transferred to a higher grade, for what such merits I still do not know.

I liked Dasha from the first grade and often I got her with my desires to touch her breasts, ass or pussy. As always in the lower grades, the girl fought off me by all kinds of methods, complaining about me to the teachers. From the moment I was transferred to a higher class, our communication with her was interrupted for a long time, and later it was difficult to call our meetings frequent.

12 years have passed since the first grade, and Dasha still attracted my thoughts. My hands slid over her small and so seductive breasts, and her body shuddered. She turned to me and I bent down and gently began to kiss her lips. It was not our first kiss, but as always, it burned me with fire that ran all over my body.

Her soft and so sweet lips caused a storm of emotions in my body. My hands slid down onto her elastic ass, which was driving me crazy. At some point, our kiss was interrupted and I sat down in front of her on the floor. Gently stroked the clean and tender skin of her thighs and slipped his hands under her short skirt.

Dasha slightly spread her legs to the sides and the skirt lifted up to reveal a miniature thong. I bent down and kissed her pubis, sliding my lips over the slippery silk. Dasha leaned back in her chair and I opened her pussy covered with a thin strip of thong. Sliding panties to the side, I pressed my lips to her smooth pussy.

When I felt its delicate aroma, its taste, I finally lost my head. Embracing her soft ass with my hands, I kissed, licked this miracle, I touched the tubercle of her clitoris with my tongue, I ran over her soft lips, caressed the entrance to the cherished hole. I made Dasha kuni for the first time, and I reveled in it. Time seemed to stand still. I could caress her pussy forever, kiss her without rest, enjoy it to madness. Dasha pulled me so that I would get up, stunned, lost in sensations, I dutifully obeyed. The second couple, kissing, paid no attention to us. Dasha got up and headed towards the door. I followed her, We went into the bathroom, as the second room was occupied by the relatives of the birthday boy. Closing, we clung to each other. I unzipped the skirt and let her fall to the floor, grabbing the elastic of her panties, slowly lowering them from her buttocks, pulling down and letting them fall down.

Dasha stepped over the fallen clothes, and in the meantime I took off my shorts, I took off my shirt even earlier, it was summer outside. Not hesitating, Dasha freed herself from the top and remained in one bra. I pressed against her and my erect penis slid over her stomach, I thought that I would finish immediately, but at the cost of incredible efforts I restrained myself. Unbuttoning her bra, I saved Dasha from the last part of her wardrobe. Her small and firm breasts were the height of perfection. I gently kissed one and the other, stroking her ass. I wanted her, wanted her so that it seemed to me that I was about to explode, but I knew that Dasha was still a girl and if she didn’t want to, I would not forcibly deprive her of her virginity. Dasha sat down on the edge of the bathtub and spread her legs, I sank down in front of her, again clung to her, so sweet, pussy. I licked her slit, stroked her ass and drowned in sensations. Dasha moaned and this moan brought me to the last edge, I broke away from her dripping nectar slit and put the head of the penis to the entrance to her cherished hole, but Dasha shook her head, got up, turned her charming ass to me and pressed her to my penis. When my penis was between its elastic halves, a current struck me and I had to collect all my strength so as not to pour out at the same moment. Having hugged Dasha, I began to stroke her elastic breasts with my left hand, and fondle her pussy with my right.

A member rubbed against her ass driving me crazy and at the end I decided. Slightly sitting down, I put the head against the small hole of her ass, and several times spent lubricating it with grease droplets protruding from the head. Pressing lightly, I felt the head penetrate into something warm and narrow, Pressing a little more, I felt that the head was completely submerged. Dasha tensed and whispered.

  • Painfully.
  • “But I was already pouring into it. There was only one thing in my mind. I cum, cum in Dasha, in her ass, stroking her breasts and caressing her pussy …

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