At the gynecologist

A friend of mine told me about a wonderful doctor she visited. She spoke with such enthusiasm that I also decided to go to him. And here’s what came of it. The next day, I went to this doctor. I entered the office, he wrote down my card and offer to go to the chair (I think everyone knows what a gynecological chair is !!). I sat down and spread my legs … My slit was carefully shaved and a little perfumed with my husband’s favorite perfume. It should be noted that this doctor was about 50 years old, a very impressive man. He turned on a bright lamp and shone the light straight at my pussy. Then he put on his gloves and gently stroked the labia, gently sliding them apart. “I love a young body, just a pink bud,” he said, as if casually touching the clitoris and inserting two fingers into my vagina. His fingers entered very easily, since I was already thoroughly aroused. He made forward movements with his fingers in the vagina, pretending that he was examining something, although he openly fucked me, stroking the clitoris with his other hand. My vagina began to contract reflexively.

Then he asked “Do you like this?” I nodded my head and then he bent down and began to lick my crack with his tongue, not forgetting to fuck me with his fingers. Then he asked me to masturbate, and he would watch. I agreed, and a nice array of different sized latex dicks was born. He asked me to take the biggest one and put it in the vagina, which I did with pleasure. He took out his camera and began to shoot my pussy in the cock inside. Then he came up and began to caress my anus with his fingers and asked if they had ever had me in the ass, I said no. Then he took a thin glass stick, dipped it in some kind of cream and inserted it into my narrow anus. Very quickly I felt a pleasant burning sensation in the ass and told him about it. He began to caress my anus again with his finger and gently introduce it. It didn’t hurt, on the contrary, it was pleasant. He took the thinnest member and carefully inserted it into my ass and began to move it in different directions to expand the hole. It was amazing! The penis in the vagina and the penis in the anus and the caress of the clitoris made me very excited. Then he took a bigger penis and put it in my ass again, and he entered quite easily, although he was of considerable size! Then he pulled it out and offered to insert my fingers into the anus myself and stretch it a little, which I did. At the same time, he fucked me in the vagina and caressed the clitoris with his fingers. Then he took a member even more, with a pronounced relief and a protruding head and sharply drove it into my ass. It hurt a little, but then my anus adjusted to that size. I felt that I would soon finish and said about it. Then he unbuttoned his trousers and brought out his “treasure”. Blimey! About 25 cm long and about 4 cm in diameter.

It is clear why he stretched my anal opening, just otherwise his penis would not have entered me under any circumstances! He smeared his giant with cream and put a red head on my hole. “Relax, dear, you will be pleased” and began to slowly press his penis into my ass. Oh yeah that was great. His penis was in contact with the penis in my hole, so there was no free space, it seemed to me that he filled me up to the tonsils, but when he began to move, resting against my ass with the scrotum, I understood what it was like “up to the tonsils!” There was a big mirror near the chair and he turned it so that I could see his penis in my ass, opened like a flower, the mere sight of this, not to mention the sensations, excited me to the utmost. His movements all accelerated, I began to feverishly fuck myself with a member and rub my clitoris, orgasm was on the way! And he finished, splashing a hot stream of sperm into me, so that it flowed over the edge. My orgasm could be compared to a seizure, I was even scared of such a reaction from myself. He pulled the dick out of my ass and started fucking me with his tongue, and then with his fingers, inserting three fingers at once and spreading them as wide as possible.

Awesome feeling! And I finished again. Finally the orgasm released me and I was able to breathe. My ass was very tortured, yet his penis was great for me, considering that my ass was a “girl”, but I did not regret losing such virginity. He helped me to get up from the chair and with a businesslike air continued to fill out my card, after which he said that I would have to come again, because with such a narrow anus like mine, it is very harmful to live and not use it “for its intended purpose “. As you can imagine, I gladly agreed to the second appointment. And since then I really fell in love with going to gynecologists, although I could not stand them before.

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