At the hotel

It was too late. He decided to walk her to the hotel, or maybe stay there with her for the rest of the night, he hasn’t decided yet. In their opinion, the evening began well … no one bothered, there were no annoying calls. The closer they got to her room, the more he wanted to stay, in any case, he decided to stay in order to finally decide everything.

They went into the room. He turned on the TV and she went to the shower. Her biggest desire was to clean up after a long, stressful day.

Going into the shower, she quickly took off her clothes and turned on the water. What a pleasure to be under a stream of warm gentle water! She relaxed, closed her eyes and completely surrendered herself to this pleasure. Suddenly she felt that she was not alone. Looking around, she saw him undress, not taking his eyes off her. Somewhere in the subconscious she wished for this moment, but in reality she told herself that she could do anything in this life. Her heart began to beat wildly, there was some kind of nervousness in her movements and at the same time curiosity. He climbed into the bathtub and stood next to her under the warm shower. They stood facing each other. Her arms wrapped around his neck, her half-open mouth reaching out to his in anticipation of a kiss. He hugged her around the waist and pressed her tightly to him, kissing her on the lips, and his penis touched her pubis, which made her dizzy, and a quiet moan escaped. The feeling of reality left her completely, it seemed that time had stopped.

She went out first, wrapped in a towel, still in prostration, stood near the table in front of the mirror. After a while he also came out. He approached her from behind, hugged her and began kissing her on the back of her head and neck, sometimes interrupting to whisper affectionate words in her ear (from which her roof was finally blown off). His hand slowly lifted up the towel and carefully slipped between her legs. Oh, there was Niagara Falls already. He began to caress her clitoris and mink, gradually increasing his pace. She stood with her eyes closed, her hands resting on the table, leaning forward slightly, moaning more and more. Not noticing that the towel had long since fallen off her, and he was crushing her breasts, she was already ready for him to take her. But he continues to torment her, seeing how she leans forward more and more. Finally her expectations came to an end. He began to enter her bosom gradually, deeper and deeper, which is why she fell into indescribable ecstasy and began to move towards her faster and faster. Orgasm came at the same time, accompanied by loud moans and sobs. Probably, the whole floor woke up, it’s good that at least they didn’t give advice.

After another shower, they lay down on a double bed, which was in the room, talking quietly.

He bent down to her face, and their lips merged into a long kiss. They caressed each other wherever possible (where they could get it). As arousal grew, their breathing quickened, and their movements became more and more impatient. He sat over her, caressing her breasts with his cock, and she, lying between his legs, wriggled with pleasure. Then his cock gradually reached her neck, chin and touched her lips. She eagerly took him into her mouth and began to suck him off, as if she were going to suck all his insides. He decided not to finish so quickly and therefore pushed her aside, tenderly kissing her body, sinking lower and lower. He touched his tongue to her clitoris, then ran it up and down. She just squealed in pleasure, instinctively spreading her legs. Continuing to perform all these manipulations with her bosom, he got to her cherished asshole, which was also already damp from what was pouring out above. He began to fondle Popkin’s crack with his finger, slowly penetrating into it. She was almost screaming and wriggling, stroking his head between her legs. He was excited by such a reaction, he could no longer restrain himself. Kneeling in front of her, he carefully entered her ass. She threw her legs over his shoulders – from her side it was almost a stand on the shoulder blades. He began to slowly fuck her, and she, getting used to the new sensations in her ass, moved faster and faster. She wanted him to pierce her through, taking his hips with his hands. After a while, their bodies shook from orgasm, accompanied by cries of bliss. The neighbors on the floor woke up again.

Soon they were already sleeping peacefully … she was lying on his shoulder, pressing her naked body against him. And the neighbors began to fuck

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