Bachelor party

He tied her to the bed with a sheet. Legs, having previously spread them, tied separately. Now, only the lazy or the one who was too hungry could not have her. And there were no such people in this house. All twenty men gathered for the bachelor party were strong, active, and most importantly – excited.

The owner started first. He demonstratively took his dignity out of his fly, showed it to the tied girl and slowly began to enter.

The girl jerked at the first touch and tried to avoid typing. But you cannot rebel especially when tied, and the owner’s member nevertheless entered the bosom. The girl groaned.

  • Nothing, nothing, bear with it! – said the owner rudely and continued.

After a couple of minutes, he finished, pulled out a member and wiped it and his hands on one of the girl’s breasts. On the inner side of the thigh, from where the penis had just come out, there were a few drops of sperm left hanging.

  • Who is next? – asked the owner, thrusting his penis into place and zipping up his fly.
  • Yes, I, perhaps! – one of the guests crowded around the bed took off his pants, climbed onto the girl and began to thrust his penis into her mouth. She tried to resist, but nothing worked, she was tied tightly. She had to accept it and take it in her mouth.

At the same time, another guest took care of the girl’s vagina. He put his finger inside and began to twirl it there. And then he changed it to a member.

When both guests had finished, each in his favorite place, the next ones stepped in. One was busy with the vagina, the other with the mouth, and the third began to masturbate on the face …

Half an hour later, the girl was a body drenched in sperm, on which three were wriggling, and the rest of them were waiting for their turn, some for the second time.

Sperm flowed like a river. The girl’s face was hidden behind a mask of drying sperm. Both eyes were filled to the very edges, so the girl did not open them again. There was a large wet spot on the sheet under the vagina. Hair tangled and matted.

When the last person had finished, the owner invited everyone to the table. The dishes were served by lightly dressed waitresses, but few people paid attention to them. Toast, followed by a second, third: The men warmed up by alcohol began to remember that the girl was still attached, and it could be repeated! The waitresses suddenly turned out to be pretty, and they began to show signs of attention.

In short, after an hour and a half, almost everyone had sex. Someone with pliant waitresses, someone with a tied girl: Two guests chose to lock themselves in the bathroom, and after a while the sounds of male love came from there.

At midnight, the owner went to the girl, untied her and led her into the bathroom. Helped me to get into the water and wash off my sperm.

  • Well? How was it? – he asked.
  • Awesome! The girl whispered. – This feeling of helplessness … You feel that you will be raped now, but you cannot do anything … Awesome! … I finished probably thirty times. I have never felt anything like this in my life … This is a wonderful idea for you! ..
  • I filmed everything on video, then we’ll see together.
  • On the video ??! Oh! … You’re my bunny! How cool! … And what is that in your pants? Wow, how big! May I kiss him? Are these stupid pants bothering you? They bother me …

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