Big boss. Part 1

I want to tell you about what is happening in our office. We are a small real estate company in the Balkans. Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia. The company employs only girls from 19 to 26. All in shoes, beautiful, well-groomed. After all, we get here above the average for the city. But you also have to pay …

We only have one man. But a man with a capital letter. Our Boss. He only recruits those on purpose. Pretty and there is nowhere to go. And he doesn’t care whether you are married or not. For example, this happened to me for the first time when I went on the next day after the wedding to get vacation pay for my honeymoon.

Put cancer. He pulled down his panties and entered. With your big, powerful cock. Fucked the way I dreamed all my wedding night. Of course, I resisted and asked him not to do it. But at night, when the newly-made husband awkwardly tried to insert his soft pussy, I dreamed of this. And in the morning it came true. As if He felt.

I came in the white panties of the bride. And he unceremoniously gagged my mouth with them. Although all the girls in our office are aware of what happens from time to time in his office.

And everyone is silent. We do not talk about this among ourselves.

And when he calls one of us into his office in the middle of the working day and that tsokaya leaves … we just avert our eyes. And we pretend we don’t hear anything when the office is filled with moans.

To be honest, I thought this only happens in films. He dominated over all of us, and we were afraid to say anything to our husbands or anyone else. Even to each other. Once he fucked Ira in the ass and taped the ass full of his sperm with tape. He ordered her not to give her husband under any pretext and said that the next day he would check for the presence of HIS sperm in her hole.

He does such perverse things with total submission. At the same time, He does not let go of greasy jokes in the office and does not undress us with his eyes. He just orders.

Once he entered, left the office and said loudly: “Take off the slut’s panties.” He did not ask or persuade. Said it once. It was very embarrassing to undress in front of other girls. But each twirling booty lowered her panties to the floor. And then, he ordered to exchange panties. All that day we had to walk in each other’s panties.

So he made us understand that it secretly turns everyone on, because each got a little wet panties and no one got dry ones.

When I returned from my honeymoon a new one appeared, Alina. A 22-year-old blonde with a model appearance, her hair forever straightened by an iron and thin stockings, obviously ordered via the Internet, since they are not sold in our city. Every evening her husband picked her up from the office. A short, balding man with a baggy build. Office clerk. I am sure that Alina gets more from us than he does.

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