Big boss. Part 2

On the first day of my return, I had to be on duty. “On duty” – this means we do not let anyone in under any pretext, until the girl leaves his office. He called Alina. In a skirt short by the standards of even our office, she ran into his office at about ten to six.

I only heard how he strictly ordered her to stand with cancer and lean on the table. Alina meekly followed his order. Curiously, there are no hints of this during the interview. He speaks only about work and hires the capable and responsible ones. But apparently a month was enough to explain to the new girl what else would be included in her duties.

For the money that we are paid, any cancer will rise. Yes, and ask her husband.

Something similar happened this time. Her husband, as usual, came for Alina and sat down in the waiting room. The screams and sounds of wild sex were heard from behind the wall.

I asked him to wait.

  • Where is Alina?

What should I answer him? I answered the truth. Sternly looking at him as if nothing had happened:

  • She’s with the director. – As if confirming my words, Alina groaned outside the door like the last whore. Obviously, he went into her anal hole. The groan was drawn out and as if pleading.

The husband blushed crimson and in excitement rushed to the door.

I was just doing my job. I blocked his way with my third size bust and repeated sternly and coldly:

  • Wait here.

He turned in disbelief. Hoping to explain to myself what is happening in some completely normal way. But outside the door his wife groaned again. Louder.

I knew perfectly well what was happening there now. After all, each was in her position. Alina stands with cancer, her face pressed to the table and her hair fanned out on the boss’s table. His tight penis stretches her elastic ass, and the stilettos shuffle rhythmically on the floor.

Hubby jumped up again and rushed more resolutely towards the door. What was he going to do? Burst in and reprimand her for debauchery or kick the thug in the face with your soft little fists? I think I saved him from a heart attack:

  • WAIT HERE – I said even more firmly. Almost chatting through my teeth.

Most likely, she guesses that her husband will soon be and from that blushes more than usual. She groaned. Apparently he squeezed her ass a little tighter with his huge paws. And now Alina, choking with moans, ends. I literally feel how he fills her anus with thick streams of his hot sperm.

The husband hears all this. I watch out of the corner of my eye as he turns purple. He hears his wife, in panting, pulls her skirt and puts her tits in her bra, hurrying to him. The door opens. Tall Alina managed to tidy up her hair and looks like a doll: long blonde hair falls in neat strands over her shoulders, slender legs in tight boots. Tries to quickly navigate the situation and smiles at her husband. As if nothing had happened. Or does she think that he just walked up and did not hear how she was fucked in the ass as a bitch?

She smiled ingratiatingly and ran to him. These typical kisses … The boss came out of the office. He greeted Alina’s husband and even said looking into his eyes and holding his hand:

  • Alina, she works very hard. Don’t load her too much at home, she’s enough at work too …

Hubby swallowed it all. I ate for a sweet soul. Still would. What can he say to a thug like our boss? They left. Well, just a perfect couple! And only the slipping stocking on Alina’s left leg betrayed her recently fucked girl.

I don’t know how it will end, but a few weeks ago I flew from him.

Although, they say, this has happened before …

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