Birthday present. Part 1

It was a hot day, and time wore on for dinner. Before returning to the office, I decided to stop by the cafe for a snack and cool off under the air conditioner. Having made an order, I was resting, looking at the visitors of the cafe. Then I noticed two pretty girls who glance at me and whisper. I went to meet you. Smiling, they politely offered to sit down. An easy conversation ensued, from which I learned that the busty blonde was called Anya, and the long-legged brunette was Lena. Soon they had to leave, and I expressed a desire to meet again and asked to leave a phone number. They said that they would love to continue their communication, especially since today they were invited by a good friend for their birthday, and they had no one to go with, and they asked if I would like to join them. I specified in the capacity of whom I would appear there, to which, smiling playfully, they replied that as their gentleman.

  • One for two? I asked.

“Why not,” Anya answered.

  • What gift would suit a birthday boy? – I asked, considering my possibilities.

“Don’t worry about the gift,” Lena said, “we have already picked up a gift for him, just to his taste, and from a financial point of view it will not cost you anything.

“So you just need to be the same darling,” Anya added, smiling again.

We agreed on the time and place of the meeting, they left, exchanging phone numbers with me, and they just brought me my order.

By the end of the working day, I received a text message from Lena, confirming the meeting. “Wow, they weren’t joking,” I thought and confirmed the meeting.

Having pulled out a little early from work, I went out into the parking lot and, looking around the parking lot, noticed a car that was waiting for me. Lena was driving, and Anya was in the front passenger seat, so I had to sit in the back. On the way, we talked on various topics, as it always happens. The car turned into a cottage village and drove into the yard. There were already many cars in the yard. On the threshold of the house we were greeted by a tall, almost a head taller than me, brunette, 35-37 years old. The girls introduced him as Dmitry’s birthday, and we all entered the house. A table was laid in the huge living room, at which 16 people were already sitting. We, as latecomers, had to drink a free kick, only I had brandy, and the girls had champagne. After the official part, in the form of toasts and congratulations, already slightly drunk, I felt more comfortable in this company than at first. Music was playing in the hall and many were dancing. Anya said that Dmitry, no matter how funny it may seem, loves to play cards for desires and asked to play with them. It was simply impossible to refuse her, and I sat down to play with them. Svetlana also sat down to play with us, and Lena sat down nearby just to watch. The fun went on, and we began to play with cognac. Sveta was the first to lose, and she had to fulfill Dmitry’s wish. The desire was to show the chest. Such a desire did not surprise anyone, since Sveta had huge breasts and many would like to see her. Sveta took off the straps of her dress and bared her breasts of the fifth size. Everyone gasped with delight.

Sipping cognac, we continued the game. At the same time, Sveta continued to sit with bare breasts. Anya lost the second deal and had to fulfill Sveta’s wish. Sveta’s desire was for Anya to cover her legs with kisses. Anya, getting on all fours, began to gently kiss Sveta’s legs from foot to hip. At the same time, Sveta threw her head back and breathed so much that I thought she was about to finish. When Anya finished Sveta thanked her, and we continued the game. I was the next to lose and I had to fulfill Ani’s wish. Ani’s desire was that I should change into a woman’s and continue the evening in this form. I started to excuse myself that I didn’t have women’s clothes and, in general, it’s a mockery and stupidity, what Anya and Sveta do to me, they said that this was a game and they did not excuse themselves, but fulfilled the conditions. Under their onslaught, I had to agree and Lena, taking my hand, led me to the second floor to change. “Do not worry so much, everything will be fun, this is a game, no one will think of any nonsense,” Lena told me, going up the stairs.

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