Birthday present. Part 2

We went into the bedroom, Lena advised me to take a shower first, and for now she will choose something to wear. From the bedroom, the second door led into the bathroom, Lena showed which gel was better to use and left. “The shower won’t hurt me now,” I thought, realizing that I was already drunk. I undressed and climbed into the booth. Spreading the gel, I noticed its strange smell, not entirely pleasant, but then Lena came into the bathroom and said that she had put things for me. “And I’ll clean yours for now, so you don’t get scared,” she said with a giggle and left the bathroom. The skin began to tingle slightly, I took a washcloth to wash off the gel. I did not immediately notice that hair was washed off the body along with the gel. As a result, after washing myself, my skin remained completely bald. I was a little shocked, but one thing was consoling that I had not thought of soaping my head. Coming out of the shower, wiping myself with a towel, I drew attention to the pouf, on which I put my things, it was not on it, and in their place were only black women’s thongs. After putting them on and wrapping myself in a towel, I looked out of the bathroom. Lena was in the room and was twirling something in her hands.

“Come out, don’t be afraid,” she said.

I left the bathroom. She came up to me, ran her hand over my chest and said:

  • What a beauty, such velvety skin, I hate hairy ones.

I didn’t even know what to say to that. She helped me put on a black tabbed bra and stockings, then a dress. After that, she sat me down on a chair and did my makeup. Finished with a ginger wig, costume jewelry and wedge sandals. She took me to a large mirror to admire her work.

  • What do you think? Lena asked.
  • Not a fig for myself, – only I could say.

From the mirror, a slender, tall, red-haired girl looked at me, in whom nothing of the male was even guessed.

“Now you’re Margot,” she said, slapping my ass.

  • I could not even imagine such a thing, – I began to speak, but she interrupted me immediately.
  • Could not. You’re a girl until the end of the evening. Didn’t you forget?
  • I will try not to forget, – I said with a smile.

We went downstairs. Lena introduced me to everyone. During my reincarnation, I got sober and I was terribly ashamed. But contrary to my expectations, the guests did not laugh at me, but on the contrary continued to have fun with a little giggling, many of them did not even pay any attention to me. Anya came up to me and, smiling, said: “How I was not mistaken with my desire, you are simply amazing, Margot!” We sat down with Dmitry and Svetlana and continued to drink. While Lena and I were upstairs, they were already bored with playing and they smoked hookah. Svetlana was still sitting bare-chested and laughing at Dmitry’s jokes. The jokes were really funny, but rather from his manner of telling them. After drinking and smoking a hookah, I did not feel very well and went out onto the veranda to breathe. There was no one on the veranda and I decided to admire the stars, but soon realized that I could not concentrate on any of them. “I’m drunk!” I thought. “Am I talking about myself in a feminine way?” – I was surprised to myself.

  • Let’s go dance, Margot, – Dmitry said, putting his hand on my shoulder.
  • Well, I kind of … – I began.

“Nothing, you’ll like it,” he said, pulling my hand towards the house.

Couples danced in the hall to slow music and we joined them. It was still unusual for me to move in high heels, but I pleasantly noted for myself that I was no longer so shorter than him. He put my hands on his shoulders and his on my waist. We began to dance slowly. I experienced bliss from the drunken state, from the gentle touch of fabric on my bare skin, from hugs, from music. I felt like men’s hands caress my ass and did not even resist it, it was incredibly pleasant to me. Dmitry began to kiss my neck, I was as if in a dream, even closing my eyes with pleasure. I felt his lips touch my lips, and began to return his kiss. I felt his tongue in my mouth, began to suck on it. Continuing to kiss, we slowly moved somewhere. I didn’t even open my eyes enjoying the kiss. Somewhere in the distance, music was already playing. I felt myself being laid on a soft bed. His lips covered my neck, shoulders, chest.

Hands caressed the ass, legs. He took off my panties and touched my tongue to my excited member. I almost fainted with excitement. He licked my cock, and then I felt the head of his cock brush against my lips. Opening my mouth, I took him inside, feeling the taste of his lubricant on my tongue and the scent of his body. I began to lick and suck on him. While I sucked his penis, he lubricated my hole with something cool and gradually penetrated his fingers into my ass. Then his cock left my mouth and his tongue took its place again. We kissed again. I felt something more than fingers trying to enter my ass. I wrapped my legs around his torso, and now, his cock penetrated my ass. I felt a feeling unknown to me before. It was an indescribable pleasure. He began to slowly move in me, all of me shook and we soon had an orgasm together. An orgasm I never knew before. (Especially for – For a while, I even lost consciousness.

I was lying on the bed and could not catch my breath. After catching my breath, I felt that I had no strength to get up and fell into a dream.

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