Breakfast with Katya

Katya, a 20-year-old leggy brunette with a graceful, athletic figure, stood in the kitchen at the table and chopped vegetables for a light salad for breakfast. Standing with her back to the door, she, of course, had no idea that her boyfriend Andrey, propping up the door jamb with his shoulder, had been admiring the view of her sweet ass for several minutes. Katya was wearing his little sarochka, which shamelessly opened her silk panties to Andrey’s eyes with every bend. The panties were tight and Andrei was pleased to catch a glance at the pink edges of the fleshy labia. A sweet yearning captivated his thoughts, he remembered the details of the previous night.

But then Andrei approached the girl and hugged her around the waist, crossing his arms in a lock on her stomach. He inhaled the scent of her hair, pressed his bends to the earlobe and began to whisper tender words of love to her. Katya smiled slyly, but continued to cook breakfast. Andrey lowered his lips on the girl’s neck, and his hands began to unfasten the buttons of the sarochka from the bottom up. With his left hand he began to knead her breasts, and his right hand caressed her pussy through the already wet fabric of her panties.

Katya breathed languidly, biting her lip. Andrei moved his left hand from the swollen nipples to Catena’s ass. He pulled aside the fabric of his panties and ran his fingers from the vagina to the tailbone. Then he took some of the soft butter from the table with his fingers and began to spread it over the girl’s anus. His two fingers easily entered the anus and began to masturbate him.

Katya pushed her ass to meet the hand. She felt unusually well. She felt a pleasant heaviness in the lower abdomen and dreamed that these caresses would not end. Andrey abruptly took his hands out of her underwear and, putting his left on her back, bent her forward. Katya rested her elbows on the table and humbly began to await her fate.

Andrei took a fresh, thick cucumber from the table with his free hand and thrust it into the girl’s vagina. Katya screamed in pain. The thick club seemed to tear at her insides. But soon the pain was replaced by an incomparable feeling of pleasure.

Oh, how pleasantly small pimples of a cucumber stirred the walls of the vagina. Waves of orgasm washed over her, ripping sweet moans from her chest.

Katya no longer heard the zipper open on Andrei’s pants. He took a cucumber out of her and began kissing her with hot kisses on the labia, licking her secretions. Katya has not yet woken up from orgasm, flying in seventh heaven. Andrei took out his long-standing member, brought his head to the anus and, having piled on his whole body, immediately drove it entirely inside.

Katya gasped in surprise. The thought that she was being fucked in the ass took over her mind. Andrei unceremoniously thrust his penis along its entire length, caressing her breasts with both hands. The hole was cramped and warm. Unable to hold back any longer, he flooded her with his sperm, experiencing a fabulous orgasm.

Andrey took out a limp penis, knelt down and put his mouth to the anus, drilling a hole with his tongue, from which his sperm flowed. Katya could no longer withstand this sweet torture and began to hammer in convulsions of orgasm.

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