Breaking bad with a new friend

It all started with the fact that I met a girl and slept in her that same evening. I liked it, she too, and as a result we began to see each other several times a week. She was the way I like it: A fragile brunette about 170 centimeters tall, with first-size breasts and a very tight ass. We had everything in sex. We were absolutely not ashamed of each other. And once, when my friends called me to fuck some girl, as before, I offered her mzhm. She was surprised, but on reflection, said no. Well there is no way. We had sex, I started to lick her, and at the same time masturbate myself, in the end I finished in 5-7 minutes. Lena was very disappointed, but immediately found a way out:

  • Let’s go to your friends.

I agreed, we came, there were two free, and another guy with his girlfriend, but they were not going to participate in anything. Everyone knew why we came. Sex began, I put Lena on my knees and began to enter her, she took in Vasya’s mouth, but I didn’t get up normally, maybe because I finished half an hour ago, maybe because of Vasya’s penis at least 19 centimeters, in the end I gave way to Artem and went to another room to jerk off a member. About 15 minutes later Vasya comes running and tells me to go to them, since Lena does not want to go without me. I come, and in the twilight I see Vasya enter and exit like a car. The moans of my girl made me jealous, she didn’t scream like that with me. Then she saw me and said:

  • Well, where, do you go, beloved, they wanted me in the ass, but I said that only after you.

There was a very bad feeling in my soul when I felt my powerlessness, and I, muttering something indistinctly, left.

But my girl made me happy, she made a whole hysteria that she didn’t need me, that I just gave her to friends and eventually decided to leave.

I brought her back to my place, we defiantly did not speak, and half an hour later went to bed.

And then our defining conversation took place. She began to say that I don’t need her, that I just use her, and she loves me, that I disdain to meet her seriously after others, as if pushing me towards something.

And then it dawned on me: She loves me!

I quickly began to cover her with kisses: cheeks, lips, neck, chest, and as soon as I reached the abdomen, I felt her imperious hand on my head and she obviously pushed me down … and wanting to prove that I love her, I kissed her for the first time there, after other members. Her vagina was red and very, very wet. I began to lick her clitoris, and when I stuck my tongue inside, I felt some unusual taste. Oddly enough, it aroused me even more and I caressed her, trying to stick my tongue as far as possible.
I didn’t feel at all how much time had passed, but then Lena stopped me and said:

  • Well, come in at last.

I approached her face with a devilish twinkle in my eyes and kissed her lips while guiding my cock into her. I walked in and stopped as if struck by thunder. In her usually narrow vagina, which pleasantly enveloped me, there was a hole, the walls of which I could not feel. Bloody Vasya! Lena also felt the difference, and although, as before, she hugged me with her arms and legs, but did not moan at all. After 5 minutes, I realized that I had nothing to catch here and returned to her vagina with my tongue, and jerked off my hand, remembering how there was a member, much larger than mine (I have 12 centimeters). Literally in 2 minutes I finished.

There were a lot of thoughts in my head: she was fucked, and I lick it and I like it, and what we will have now. Lena, smiling with satisfaction, said:

Honey, I love you, you are a great pizdoliz. You got so turned on that I was fucked by your friends. I will have a surprise for you …

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