Brother and sister. Part 1

Our parents did not even notice how my sister and I reached the age at which they begin to pull towards the opposite sex. We often played different games together: “Doctor”, “Playboy Photographer” and others. Photography was my favorite, besides, I had a camera and this made the game more close to real life.

It was an ordinary day. Father went fishing, mother was at work. Petty and I were already adults, and we were left home alone. We played cards and I offered a bet. If she loses, then we will play a photographer, she will be my model. If I lose, then I’ll have to clean up her room. In fact, Petty agreed with my proposal, and I could not lose, because she also liked being a model. The game was good and it ended very quickly. As expected, I won.

Parents were not at home, no one could interfere with us, suddenly bursting in. I jumped off the bed to the floor and ran to my room for the camera. When I returned, I introduced myself as a Playboy photographer, and the game began. She had to pose as I ordered her, but insisted that I do not touch her private parts.

Then I took her to her parents’ room and asked her to sit comfortably. She sat on the couch while attaching the flash and lenses. She didn’t want real photographs, and when I showed that there was no film in the camera, filming began.

I started taking photographs in the place and in the position in which she was. Then he asked me to get up and take off my shirt. She got up and unbuttoned her see-through blouse. Taking it off, she presented to my gaze gorgeous girlish breasts, quite large for her age. She had really big breasts despite her age. But while they were still hidden by a thin bra with nipples looming.

My cock lifted instantly. I asked Petty to relax, get into the role. I turned on the music and asked to dance a little, gradually undressing. Petty danced for a minute with her back to me, unbuttoned her bra and, turning to me, released her gorgeous, tight balls. She shook her breasts a little while the flash brightly illuminated the room. It felt like she really got into the role and enjoyed it. I walked around her, saying how sexy she is and how she really looks like a real model.

She continued to dance. I photographed her breasts. Then from the side. My cock was on full alert and Petty noticed it. This spurred her to shake her chest. According to the script, I had to remind her to take off the rest of her clothes. But this time it was different. Her hands smoothly slid along the body to the lower abdomen, to the buttons on the jeans. She unbuttoned them and twisted her hips, unbuttoning the lock. She began to move towards the camera, and the jeans slowly fell from her young thighs. She danced casually in front of me, dressed in only small panties.

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