Brother and sister. Part 2

She danced, smoothly swaying her hips, gradually pressing herself against the corner. The shyness that still lingered in her was barely noticeable. I put her hand on the table, and the other on the edge of the couch, fully exposing her chest for me and the camera. I moved the camera as close as possible to this gorgeous chest. I took a photo of her upper part, belly and thighs and asked to take off her panties. She laughed, grabbed the narrow strip and brought them down to her knees. She stepped over them, caught them with her foot, and threw them across the room.

That sexy wasn’t typical for Petty. I photographed over and over again, capturing her girlish freshness and beauty. Looking for a more graceful shot, I asked her to turn to face me. She seemed to me so vulnerable, defenseless, standing naked in front of the photographer at this moment. But she enjoyed it, presenting herself as a confident, sexy woman.

I asked her to spread her legs, and slowly, she spread their sides, leaving her treasure to my camera and me. When this happened, I saw a thin fluff on her soft thighs and pubes. Zooming in, I saw a pink hole. Her clit looked big, but I needed a new shot. She was very young and could bend as she wanted. And when I asked her to spread her legs as wide as she could, she gladly did it, giving my gaze her beautiful, mysterious cave.

Introducing myself as a photographer for Hustler, I asked her to touch my mound. Her hand dropped and Penny began to caress herself in time to the music. This excited me tremendously, I wanted to take part in this action. I saw that the clitoris and the hole were wet and asked if I could please myself and touch them. Obviously, forgetting where we are, and in what condition we are, she immediately gave her permission. Licking my finger, I touched it, looking through the camera. This went on for a while, then I removed the camera and just watched the action unfolding in front of me.

Petty’s hips moved in time to the music as she masturbated herself. She sighed, tilted her head, eyes were closed. I moved closer to her. She felt my closeness, perhaps even the beating of my heart at that moment, and rubbed her small lips with both hands. I took it as an invitation, moved closer and reached my clitoris with my tongue. She gasped and I began to lick her crotch. After a while, my neck became numb, since we were still on the couch, and I asked her to move to her parents’ bed.

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