Brother and sister. Part 3

She quickly threw her legs to the floor and ran to another room. I followed her, carrying the camera, although I knew that I was unlikely to need it. I found her lying on her stomach on the bed. Oh, how beautiful that ass was. I took a few glances at this treasure and placed several pillows under her thighs, thereby lifting her up. I asked to spread my legs and play with myself again. This position gave me the opportunity to see her vagina, and at the same time see her anus. The game we played has long been forgotten.

I climbed onto the bed, positioned myself between Petty’s legs and replaced her hand with mine. I began to caress her bulges with gentle circular movements. She was wet and her wet hole sparkled. I bent down to smell her. Inhaling, I just got drunk. Then I inserted my tongue into the hole. Petty groaned with pleasure. After a few strokes, my tongue moved higher, to the sensitive area between the holes, and my finger replaced it. Petty was shaking with excitement. My nose reached her top hole. Not finding any smell, I decided that it was time to learn the secret of such sex. The wrinkled ring of her sphincter relaxed as my tongue licked the skin around it.

With my hands, I spread the cheeks of the ass wider to the sides and tasted her small hole. It was so narrow. One of my fingers moved into the vagina, the second caressed the clitoris. She seemed to be moaning and shaking in pain, and I liked that. I was all a love machine. My hands and tongue moved in unison to drive my sister mad. A wet stain has appeared on my jeans. Petty thrashed and writhed in ecstasy. She wanted me and I wanted her. I unbuttoned my jeans and released my cock. I got up and Petty saw my cock sticking out like a stick. We didn’t play anymore.

I caressed her curly, nice hole and knew that she would do for me too. She looked up, my cock twitching in front of her face. She smiled a malicious smile. I’ve never seen her like this. She was beautiful, sexy. She raised herself on one elbow, wrapped her hand around my penis and sent it into her mouth. It was delicious. I only dreamed of such caresses. I flinched when her teeth lightly touched the head. She laughed, lowered her head and completely engulfed my cock.

As far as I knew, this was the first time she caressed anyone. It was better than my dreams. At first, she lightly touched the head with her tongue and lips, then began to suck on it and, in the end, completely immersed my penis in her mouth. She gagged as my cock reached her throat. I didn’t want her to vomit and instinctively pulled back, pulling out my cock. But she pulled me back by the balls. I happily returned my penis to her mouth and wrapped my hands around her head, moving her back and forth. She moaned as before, albeit somewhat muffled.

I didn’t want to cum in her mouth, so I pulled out my cock and sent it to the side. We were close and could caress each other at the same time. I sat over her with my head down to her beautiful flower. It was uncomfortable for her to caress my cock, and we had to change positions. We lay down on our side. She lifted one leg, and her vagina was at my complete disposal.

They were the most comfortable police. I could lick her clitoris, vagina and anus while she could suck my cock.

After wetting my index finger, I slowly inserted it into her ass. She also licked her finger and pointed it at me. This double stimulation could not last long. It quickly led us to orgasm. Continuing to caress her fingers, he began to fuck her vagina with his tongue. My chin rested on her clit, and Petty began to rub violently against it. We lay on the bed of our parents, brother and sister, with fingers in each other’s anus, our mouths clasped our intimate places.

She began to cum, and I felt her sphincter tighten as orgasm came. At the same time, my muscles tensed and the sperm began to pour out in a large stream. The amount of my semen surprised my sister, she did not have time to swallow it. She was very beautiful at that moment, and I wanted the sperm to not stop pouring out of me in a continuous stream. After a dozen shots, it was over.

Our private parts were all tense as well. We teased each other a little, nibbling and sucking on the burning places. But, feeling some pain, they freed themselves from each other and lay satisfied, deciding to rest a little, and then continue. I told her how much I love her because she caressed me and allowed me to pour out into her pleasant mouth. She also gave me words of gratitude, remembering how I caressed her. I lost track of what we did with her later that day. Much that we came up with then, we use now, becoming adults.

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