Brother is a pervert or How I was blackmailed

Hey. My name is Masha and now, I would like to tell my not the most pleasant first sexual experience … with my brother. First, I would like to describe my and his appearance. Well, I have golden hair and greenish-blue eyes, I am tall, so the difference of 2 whole years between me and my brother was imperceptible, I also have a slender figure and a second-size chest. My brother is as tall as me, he has dark brown hair and is a little pumped up. In general, in his 20s, he did not look bad.

It all started on a January evening. Our parents went away on business and left us alone. On that day, it was my brother’s turn to cook, which he did. I was lying on the bed, I was wearing home sweatpants and a T-shirt, it was warm at home, I was then without socks. That evening, vulgar thoughts constantly crawled into my head, probably because of the long time without masturbation, and I loved to play with myself, but because of my brother I had to restrain myself. As a result, I could not stand it, my hands seemed to disobey my head and reached for the laptop keyboard, my fingers were typing the word “porn” themselves. I was very aroused, my panties got a little wet. As a result, excitement prevailed over common sense, and I thought: “Okay, now I’ll quietly discharge my batteries and that’s it.” I transgressed to this sinful business, my fingers slipped on the smooth surface of the pussy juices.

I was flowing strongly, getting fabulous pleasure. But I was interrupted by my brother, who entered my room without knocking, his face was almost calm, it did not seem that it was a big surprise for him. I was terribly ashamed, because then, in a fit of passion, I stripped naked and lay in front of him completely naked and wet. Immediately my sanity returned, I begged not to tell my parents, I offered to always wash the dishes for him, and always cook food and clean up, but he only answered “no”. As if I could offer something more, as it turned out, I could, but didn’t even want to think about it. But he said bluntly: “fulfill all my desires and I will not tell anyone, including my sexual desires.” I didn’t want to do this with my own brother, but I had no choice. I agreed.

On the first day, everything went like me, and I hoped, I washed the dishes, cleaned, cooked, nothing foreshadowed serious desires. I thought that he was not such a pervert, he would not do anything like that with his sister, but then the word just burst out. But before I could finish washing the dishes, he called me over to him. I was afraid. Then he sat on the pull-out couch in his room, completely naked. All my hopes were smashed to smithereens in an instant. I was afraid to imagine what he could do to his own sister, stood and prepared for the worst. And now the words came from his lips: “Well, little sister, take off your clothes.” I already lost hope, obediently undressed and threw my clothes aside. “Now come on, do a striptease,” he said. I never even imagined in my thoughts how to dance a striptease.

On top of that, I was ashamed. But my brother praised me, said that I was good, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he was masturbating then, I could not believe that his sister turned him on. I did not notice how he finished, but then he called me to him. I saw his cock, he was smeared with sperm on top. He then touched my pussy, stroked it a little and gave the order to go for baby, wet wipes. I understood why he needed them, but I didn’t know that I would have to wipe his penis, but he then ordered me to do it, to say that it was disgusting, to say nothing. But I had to. Afterwards, he told me to get dressed and rest. Nothing else happened that day.

On the second day, he spent most of his time with me, in bed. He constantly touched and kissed me. I was still waiting for what he would order this time. I was waiting and afraid. And from his lips sounded: “Sister, give me a blowjob, are you a good girl?” Even then, I was not ashamed of anything, I understood that it would be better not to be ashamed, it would be easier. And so I knelt down in front of him, he took off his pants and I started to do it. It was disgusting, but I fought this feeling. I moved my tongue around the head of the penis, as I saw it in porn. The member began to secrete a salty-tasting liquid, it could not be sperm. The member was staked. And then he put his hand on my head on a member. I did everything the same way as in porn. I closed my eyes, tried to imagine my loved one, but there was only a brother in my head. Soon, something shot in my mouth, hot and sticky. I knew what it was, I wanted to run and spit it out in the sink, but he made me swallow. It was difficult to suppress the gag reflex. In the following days, everything was limited only to blowjobs, albeit more and more deep each time. But there was one day, the last day. Which deserves a separate story.

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