Bus incident or my wife’s second rape. Part 2

My head, suddenly, began to resemble a balloon. A quiet ringing and one stupid thought – it’s a pity that my wife didn’t wear pants. It would be more difficult for them to get to her. They would just rub and that’s it. And so …

  • Quiet, do not twitch, bitch – the fellow wheezed, breathing heavily. I felt my wife’s body begin to shudder rhythmically. Now, if she was in trousers … I, painfully clearly, felt all the shocks. The edge of the knife made me press against Natasha in front, and the fellow fucked her from behind. Now, there was no doubt about it. These are clearly not the guys who can limit themselves to rubbing. And it was foolish to hope. He rhythmically and abruptly pushed Natasha, or rather pushed Natasha … It’s a pity, nevertheless, that she is not in trousers …

And if I could free my wife from this, would I? What a question?! Of course … I would … probably … of course, protect her … But I can’t! I can not! Do I want to? What a question ?! Of course … Is this a strange, nagging feeling? Where does it come from? And what does it mean? She’s being raped, my little defenseless wife, raped by this cretin. He raped her right on the bus and, moreover, raped her, pressing her to her husband! Rape! What a terrible and sweet word ?! He rapes her and breathes heavily, she, my poor, is all subject to him, the rapist.

The tremors became stronger. Pushing my wife, he put me on a knife!

There was only one thing left – to get used to moving towards.

  • That’s right, that’s right – laughed the blatar standing behind – fuck her and you.

Fuck! Ambush her, she is ready, she is already being pulled, so pull you too! See how Vitek is banging her? She likes! She doesn’t scream. Come on and you, push it to the fullest!

Not remembering myself, I unbuttoned my pants. He poked his tense member under the pubis of his wife. Warm and wet! A wave of heat swept over me, turning me into an animal, into a rough male, taking a female by force. I made several jabs, into the most cherished area of ​​my wife’s body, where someone else’s member was now in charge – I felt his uniform work – entrance, exit, entrance, exit. What if… ? Not feeling the knife from behind – maybe it wasn’t there anymore – I sat down, twisted, put my hand in, directed, pressed my penis to someone else’s and pushed sharply. Natasha screamed loudly, but I was already there, inside, along with that other, who, after some hesitation, again began to move uniformly. Immediately, with a loud growl – which had never happened to me before – I threw the contents of my heavy eggs into the hot bosom of my wife. Faintness … ringing in the ears :.

How long has it been since that? I realized that I was still standing with my pants down and my dick, as before, tense, as if there was no such wild, stormy discharge. One natural movement – and I again entered the bosom of my wife. The member slid forward freely. This time, I am alone. How lonely, how slippery! My and someone else’s sperm, and Natasha’s lubrication! Whore! Get more from me! I began to drive a member as far as possible, throwing my head back and dimly looking into her pleading eyes. No really! I’ll fuck you again, my dear!

And behind her, a thug again joined in and I realized what he wanted to do. His hand smeared on my penis, on Natasha’s labia, scooped up the lubricant. It is clear why. It will be more difficult for him to enter this tight and hot hole. It’s a pity that she is not in trousers … Natasha bent over, tensed, trying to wriggle out – she was only squeezed more tightly from the sides. She moaned as the dude started jerking.

So we fucked my poor wife in both holes. I felt another member inside her belly, I felt it when I went deeper – after all, he was moving there, simultaneously with me. Approaching orgasm, I heard Natasha moan. She also ends up – I madly beat a member. We went limp at the same time. A little later, the dude was also discharged. They left, giving Natasha the opportunity to put on her panties and straighten her dress. She still didn’t believe that a knife was put to my ass.

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