Cash assistance to a young family. Part 1

Boring. Summer. It’s hot in the office and everyone’s sick. I went to a dating site to find and fuck a married couple. Just – lunch is coming soon, I’ll go and come back, thank God that I am nothing – and the boss! And I’m 36 years old.

So. There are many ads. I choose. I want the bitch to be skinny, I don’t think about her husband – not a special lover of men. It seems that – in the photo is a skinny housewife (doha)! Years 25. Dyed blondie, no boobs, big blue eyes. I wanna rip this bitch off hard! Hubby is young. Also 20-25 years old. The photographs were taken in the interior of a typical apartment. In the background, a crib and toys, a bed, things. Apparently the couple really decided to earn some money. There is not enough money for a child and an apartment. They love extreme. Well, that’s what I need! Just sitting on the net.

Short correspondence: where are you? – In Kuzminki; What for what? – 5.000 rubles 2 hours; agree how to get there?

Barely waited for dinner and rushed to them in a wheelbarrow.

I come – an ordinary Khrushchev building in the old district. Entrance-code-floor. I’m calling. The same skinny woman opens (wow, how I will take it away right now !!!). I went into the corridor.

  • Hi, I’m Ira, go to the bathroom to wash – don’t be shy, but I will now. Yes, meet me – my husband Igor. Ira is wearing a robe, and under it is a bodysuit in a large mesh. I know these bodysuits – they have a “comfortable” cut in the crotch.

I went to the bathroom, took a shower. All clean I go into the room.

A bed is made in the room, her young husband is sitting. Watching porn. There is beer on the table. I take out my cognac. We say hello and have a drink. I take the bull by the horns – I hold out the money, he takes it. Everything, the deal took place! We drank.

  • Well, how do you want my slut? – Igor asks. – how will we tear it?
  • In the ass I will mostly tear. You have her skinny as from German porn !! Come on, bring your whore here, make a presentation. I want to look at it better, and you will show the product with your face. I will tell you how to twirl it. I say.

Igor comes out, I immediately take off my clothes and lie down on the sofa. My penis is already standing, I’m stroking it a little. Time goes by, you can’t waste it.

The door opens, Igor introduces his blonde wife and whore Irochka by the hand. She is a little embarrassed, but apparently this is not her first time. She slightly widened her eyes when she saw my penis and its poured head.

  • Well, here it is, what to do? – Igor himself only wears shorts. By the way, he’s well complex.
  • So! Take off her robe – I say imperiously (I was not mistaken with the bodysuit!) The robe is removed. A large mesh wraps around her body. Large, sharp nipples protruded through the cells.
  • Turn her ass towards me and bend over, I want to examine her hole.

Igor executes commands, Irka smiles, stands with her back, bends over, resting her hands on the ironing board.

  • Let it bend, and you spread her buns for her, I want to check out her point! Pound it in there?
  • Yes, it happens, though she is always a little against.
  • It’s too late! Paid! I retorted.

Irochka is in the pose of a doe drinking, Igor spreads her halves, I see his wife’s wrinkled anus.

  • Let’s break it harder, otherwise I don’t see anything – I laugh, jerking off my penis.

Igor bends her back and spreads the rolls even more.

  • So, fix it – I say, getting out of bed. Approaching, I collected saliva and spat it directly on Irka’s anus. Then he began to smear it on Irka’s hole with his finger. With the second palm, I began to fiddle with her lips from below. Irka pretended to snuffle. Playing with her pussy, I began to slowly and gently insert my finger into the soaked anus of the whore. At the same time, Igor diligently stretched the rolls of his beloved. A minute later, my finger plunged into Irka’s narrow point by one phalanx. I began to push him up to the knuckle. With difficulty he entered. And he went out. And entered again. I spat more on her ass and inserted two fingers. He began to jerk her with them, then began to twist them in different directions, to abut against the walls of the anus. The point began to succumb to me, Irka knew how to relax! After a couple of minutes of such exercises, I inserted two thumbs into her and began to stretch her ass in different directions. Irkino’s elastic point began to part a little.
  • Well, Irusya, did I break your ass? Will my member enter? I asked
  • Yeah! Oh! In my opinion, it will come in … Irka snored and moaned a little, Igor stared at my manipulations with his faithful ass. His cock in his underpants stood with a stake. At the same time, the Kurvets, glanced either at his narrowed ass or at my beautiful penis. I wonder if it will suck me off? I would love to fuck their entire unlucky family!

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